WCG Chapter 35

Translated by Moe

Chapter 35 Perverse Training

“Greetings Elder Taishang.” Everyone said respectfully to the person who just arrived.

Elder Taishang stroked his beard as he glanced at Ling Xiao and laughed. “Excellent. You broke through a lesser rank so quickly. It seems that you have a fair chance to become a high-rank xuan practitioner before the start of the family competition.”

Ling Zhan looked dazedly at his son and said, “Son, y-you’re already an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner?”

Ling Xiao laughed sheepishly and nodded in affirmation. He then turned to his mother and said, “Mom, quickly instruct the servants to prepare a feast. We will all properly drink our fill today!”

Meng Xi Yun gave a deeply gratified smile and left together with Bai Yu Xi.

“You little brat, you have enough tact to go easy on your father.” Ling Zhan said as he patted Ling Xiao’s shoulders. He was happy for Ling Xiao, but also bestirred himself to strive with even greater effort, refusing to lose to his son.

It didn’t take long before they finished their meal. Ling Zhan proceeded to drink to his heart’s content, drinking so much that he fell drunk into his wife’s embrace. After more than ten agonizing years, he had regained the strength of a xuan practitioner. This moment felt so surreal. None of this would’ve been possible without his son. No words could be found to describe the utmost gratitude he felt for his son.

“Esteemed Elder, where are we going?” Ling Xiao had been called out by Elder Taishang, but he didn’t know where the old man is bringing him.

“You’ll find out when we arrive.” Elder Taishang answered cryptically, proceeding at a measured pace toward the mountain behind the Ling Family residence.

Along the way, the many Ling Family guards who saw them all saluted respectfully.

When the two had walked faraway, the guards started speaking in a low voice with one another.

“Did you see? The one by Elder Taishang was Young Master Ling Xiao.”

“He’s Young Master Ling Xiao? The one whose meridians were terminated and then restored again? His luck is way too good for him to even obtain Elder Taishang’s appreciation!”

“Don’t look down on Young Master Ling Xiao. He was only a low-rank xuan practitioner when he handily defeated Young Master Ling Xing, a high-rank xuan practitioner, in the family exam.

“I don’t believe you. I just don’t believe a low-rank martial artist can prevail over a high-rank martial artist. That’s impossible.”

“Humph! You can ask around if you don’t believe me. Who doesn’t know about this?”


It didn’t take more than a quarter hour before Ling Xiao and Elder Taishang arrived at Ling Family’s rear mountain.

“Esteemed Elder, why did we come to the back mountain?” Ling Xiao asked.

At this moment, Elder Taishang finally explained their purpose for coming. “To practice Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art’s second transformation.”

Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art’s second transformation is “Muscle Refining.”

Ling Xiao spoke no further, quietly awaiting further instructions from Elder Taishang.

Elder Taishang called out in a low voice, “Come out.”

Suddenly, five men dressed in identical martial uniforms jumped out from different directions and gave Elder Taishang a deep bow of respect. “Greetings Elder Taishang.”

Ling Xiao took the chance to observe the newcomers. He wasn’t able to see through their cultivation base, but his intuition told him that these men had xuan warrior cultivation bases at the very least.

“These men are xuan warriors and masters of five different elemental attributes: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. In the future, they will take turns in using different attributes to attack you, and your mission is to rely only on the Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art to resist. You’ll not be afforded Moisture Returning Pills to recuperate past the first half-month of training. I’ll send people to deliver medicinal water for you to soak in every evening. If you cannot endure at least this much, it’s a very real possibility that you’ll end up disabled.” Elder Taishang no longer wore a smile on his face, but spoke to Ling Xiao in a solemn voice.

Ling Xiao stood speechless with his mouth wide open. He knew what the training for the second transformation entailed. He was to submit his body—his four limbs in particular—to repeated attacks and then reconnect his ruptured tendons by cultivating the Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art. This process is repeated over and over until his muscles have hardened like steel and thereby achieving the large success realm of Muscle Refining.

However, he didn’t expect Elder Taishang would be so strict, immediately throwing him into a melee with xuan warriors, each taking turns to attack using different attributes. This type of cruel, punishing training would cause anyone who heard to go weak at the knees.

“Esteemed Elder, there’s no need for you to be this aggressive. What would you do if my limbs actually break off?” Ling Xiao said, his face revealing a terrified expression.

“Rest assured. I’ve instructed them to not be too heavy-handed to begin with—just the full-strength attack of a high-rank xuan practitioner. Once you’re able to withstand the attacks levied against you, we’ll gradually increase the intensity until you’ve cultivated the second transformation to the small success realm.” Elder Taishang said.

Ling Xiao’s heart calmed down when he heard Elder Taishang’s words. He has already cultivated the first transformation, Skin Refining, so he can endure the all-out attack of a high-rank xuan practitioner.

“Well then, you’ll be residing on the rear mountain for the duration of your training. You can come out once you’ve cultivated to the small success realm.” Having said this, Elder Taishang turned around and immediately left.

Ling Xiao looked at Elder Taishang’s retreating figure and looked to be in a bad mood as he said, “He’s really a heartless old man.”

“Young Master, we’re going to start attacking.” One of the men said to Ling Xiao soon after Elder Taishang departed.

“Don’t be so anxious. I’m not ready yet.”  Ling Xiao said hurriedly, staving off the assault.

“Elder Taishang’s orders. If Young Master slacks off and doesn’t practice cultivation, you’ll not receive a meal that day.” The same man spoke again in an indifferent tone.

“Damn it! Isn’t that too harsh?!” Ling Xiao cursed. He then untied his cloak and patted himself on the chest as he continued, “Whichever one of you is first, come up. It frankly doesn’t matter to me.”

No sooner has Ling Xiao finished speaking, one of the men stepped forward and said, “Young Master, my attribute is gold. I’ll be going first. Please excuse me!”

When he was done talking, he punched out with both fists, shooting two gold beams of light toward Ling Xiao’s arms.



Ling Xiao cannot help but cry out in fear under the impact of the exploding light.

“Eh? I’m all right?!” Ling Xiao was somewhat startled to discover his arms were perfectly fine.

“Young Master, I only used the power of an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner in the attack just now. I’ll now attack with the power of a high-rank xuan practitioner. Be careful, Young Master.” The gold attribute martial artist warned.

Suddenly, two gold beams, more vigorous than the last, shot through the air and slammed into Ling Xiao.


“AH! It hurts so much!” This time around, Ling Xiao grimaced in pain and yelled out with a guttural sound. The sleeves of his clothes were directly turned to shreds, his arms red and swollen.

The first transformation allowed him to resist the strike of a high-rank xuan practitioner, but that didn’t mean he’d escape completely unscathed. Excruciating pain still rushed from his arms.

The gold attribute martial artist wasn’t finished. He treated Ling Xiao like a punching bag, limiting his strength to that of a high-rank xuan practitioner as he hammered away at Ling Xiao.

At first, Ling Xiao kept screaming just like tortured soul as got pummeled. Afterward, he initiated the Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art, and his pain would lessen gradually. He also discovered that after each time he was beaten to a pulp, his xuan strength would circulate with increased speed.

At day’s end, Ling Xiao was bruised all over; his arms and legs were inflamed, the muscles and tendons seemed to be torn, and blood oozed from numerous cuts and scratches. His appearance was incredibly frightening.

When night fell, Bai Yu Xi delivered a basket of food to Ling Xiao. The sight of Ling Xiao’s sorry figure brought an indescribable pain to her heart.

“Young Master, you’ve been hurt so badly!” Bai Yu Xi said, genuinely distressed. She thoughtlessly caressed Ling Xiao’s wounds but quickly realized how improper her action appeared and pulled back her hand.

But in that instant Ling Xiao’s hands shot out, gripping her delicate hands, and held onto her so that she couldn’t move. That subtle, smooth sensation caused Ling Xiao’s mind to wander.

“Young Master.” Bai Yu Xi whispered softly. She hung her head down low, a touch of blush spread to her ears.

“Yu Xi, can you feed me? I cannot move my hands.” Ling Xiao reluctantly released Bai Yu Xi’s hands and said.

“Yes.” Bai Yu Xi felt a slight sense of loss as she nodded and then proceeded to pick up the food to feed Ling Xiao.

As Ling Xiao gazed at her bright, delicate face and her totally submissive appearance, he felt a warm sensation well up in his body.

Bai Yu Xi was unnerved by Ling Xiao’s unapologetic stare. She had already given her heart to Ling Xiao. For her to attend to Ling Xiao so intimately now, she couldn’t stop her heart from beating rapidly.

When the meal came to an end, two attendants arrived immediately with a large tub of hot water that had been steeped with various kinds of precious medicine.

“Young Master, you should take a bath. Esteemed Elder had instructed that you need to bathe in this medicinal water every day from now on. This will be beneficial towards cultivating your body.” Bai Yu Xi recalled Elder Taishang’s instructions and passed it on to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao nodded and tried to stand up, but his legs gave out under him, and he nearly collapsed on the ground. Fortunately, Bai Yu Xi reacted on time and helped him to his feet.

Ling Xiao became restless when he smelled the faint fragrant smell of a maiden and cursed inwardly for still being a virgin after living two lifetimes. This is too aggravating.

Bai Yu Xi supported Ling Xiao to the side of the tub, only to see the water inside was still steaming hot and bubbling.

“Young Master, I-I’ll help you change out of your clothes.” Bai Yu Xi said somewhat nervously. In the past, Ling Xiao would take a bath alone. But with Ling Xiao’s present condition, she was already prepared to attend to the Young Master from beginning to end.

“I-I can handle this on my own.” Ling Xiao was not used to being seen naked and said somewhat sheepishly.

However, this time, Bai Yu Xi didn’t gracefully leave like she did in the past. Instead, she looked at Ling Xiao as if she had been wronged as her eyes rippled with a teary mist.

“Yu Xi, what happened?” Ling Xiao asked, somewhat puzzled.

“Young Master, do you hate me?” Bai Yu Xi said in a pitiful tone.

“How could that be? I love you more than I can bear. How could I hate you?”

“Then why don’t you let me serve you? All the other masters and young masters will have their servant girls help them change into their bathing garment and even help…help warm their beds. But Young Master never wanted me to do these things for you. Isn’t this because you don’t like me?”

Ling Xiao raised his swollen hands to pinch Bai Yu Xi’s nose and said, “Foolish girl. You couldn’t possibly want to do these things for me, right? Those servant girls are acting against their will to give up their chastity. I wouldn’t even think of doing something like that to you. Don’t forget that you are still my adopted little sister.”

“Young Master, I can do anything for you. I’m willing.” When she finished, Bai Yu Xi untied the light muslin silks on her body, revealing each graceful curve and smooth contours of her delicate, bright, and alluring form before Ling Xiao’s eyes.

This wasn’t the first time Ling Xiao laid eyes on a woman’s body. He had peeped on his Elder and Junior Sisters as they were bathing. But the current situation still caused the blood to flow faster in his veins and his nether region nearly popped right up.

“Young Master, let me help you change into your bathing garment, okay?” Bai Yu Xi’s intensely innocent yet alluring face turned bright red as she helped Ling Xiao out of his training clothes.

Suddenly, an ambiguous atmosphere pervaded throughout the cavern.


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