WCG Chapter 40

Translated by Moe

Chapter 40 Killing A Xuan Warrior

Observing Ling Xiao’s prowess in battle, no one would believe that he is only an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner, but it’s undeniable that he only has a cultivation base of an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner. This is truly bizarre.

Only Ling Xiao thought nothing of the matter; slaying enemies with a higher cultivation base is an all too familiar occurrence for him. It’s not his fault that he’s a powerhouse who had crossed over from another world.

“Isn’t that youth the Young Master from the Lan Family? Rumor has it that he’s already broken through to the xuan warrior rank. His attacks are extraordinary as expected.” Someone had recognized Lan Kuang Sheng as soon as he stepped forward.

“The boy’s finished. Even with nine lives, he can’t possibly survive against a xuan warrior.”

“It’s too soon to tell. He dispatched two high-rank xuan practitioners with ease. He cannot be underestimated.”

“In any case, this kid’s destined to die. He must be tired of living to cause a commotion in the Li Family’s domain.”

Discussions broke out among the onlookers in the House of Intoxicating Fragrance.

In the middle of the main hall, Ling Xiao’s retreat after receiving the probing attack had instilled confidence in Lan Kuang Sheng. He wanted to capture this unbridled brat in front of Li Qingqing so that she might form a favorable impression of him.

“Brat, give in without a fight. I will make sure that you suffer less.” Lan Kuang Sheng held one hand behind his back and opened his white fan with the other, seemingly completely confident of the outcome.

“Heh heh. I’ve met brazen people like you many times, but they always end up beaten to a pulp and begging for their lives.” Ling Xiao laughed coldly, keeping his attention fixed on his opponent.

This is his first bout with a xuan warrior. He knows all too well that the power of a xuan warrior’s xuan strength projection cannot be taken lightly. Despite having cultivated a part of the Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art, it’s always a good policy to err on the side of caution.

“You’ve got some guts, bastard!” Lan Kuang Sheng’s anger turned to full-fledged fury as he stomped on the ground and pounced at Ling Xiao like a leopard, making no attempts at concealing the killing intent in his eyes.

“Flower Fan Blade!” With a flourish of his white fan, several blue colored fan shadows cut through the air toward Ling Xiao.

This is the xuan strength projection unique to xuan warriors. Unlike the illusory shadows congealed by high-rank xuan practitioners, it uses the practitioner’s own attribute to send out physical attacks.

“It’s all flash and no substance.” A slight contemptuous smile came on Ling Xiao’s lips. He used the Phantom Cloud Step to instantly sidestepped Lan Kuang Sheng’s attack. At the same time, he pressed in with eight consecutive thrusts at Lan Kuang Sheng’s body with the Blue Crystal Sword. He meant to take back the initiative with this attack and had imbued each thrust with powerful xuan strength.

An ordinary xuan practitioner would have been scared out of their wits by Lan Kuang Sheng’s attack—striking back is clearly the last thing on their mind. But Ling Xiao is different. After being bombarded for weeks by five xuan warriors of various attributes, he has become quite familiar with the xuan warrior’s preferred method of attack. That’s why he can dodge with such ease and even launch a counterattack.

Lan Kuang Sheng hadn’t anticipated Ling Xiao to react so swiftly but remained unperturbed as he brought his folded fan back to block Ling Xiao’s thrusting blade.

“Clang! Clang!” Sparks flew in all directions.

“Fan of Frenzied Butterflies!” After deflecting Ling Xiao’s attacks, Lan Kuang Sheng then followed through with a counter as he waved the white fan, releasing a kaleidoscope of seemingly living, blue butterflies. This technique was a sight to behold, its beauty only eclipsed by its power.

Despite his extraordinary speed, Ling Xiao was not invincible. He had underestimated the xuan warrior’s attacks.

“Bang! Bang!” The blue butterflies ruthlessly struck Ling Xiao’s body, sending him flying several meters away, knocking over many chairs in the process.

“Young Master!” Bai Yu Xi exclaimed as she rushed to Ling Xiao’s side.

“The battle is over. Xuan warriors are powerful as expected.”

“That boy is definitely dead. I thought he would last longer. I didn’t expect him to be killed just like that. What a letdown.”

“What a fool to lose his life for the sake of a woman! Has he never heard of the term femme fatale? Even though I am fond of this dissipated life of drinks and women in the House of Intoxicating Fragrance, I definitely won’t bring trouble to myself for some lowly wench.”


Upstairs, Solitary Eagle and Murong Gu calmly watched the fight unfold and made no moves. This is the Li Family’s territory. Any problems that arise here would obviously be dealt with.

When everyone had thought Ling Xiao had died, only Solitary Eagle and Lone Wolf continue to stare fixedly in Ling Xiao’s direction, their expression one of confusion and doubt.

Bai Yu Xi’s heart filled with dread as she arrived at Ling Xiao’s side. She threw herself on top of Ling Xiao’s body and burst into tears. “Young Master, you can’t die on me.” She cried. “Young Master, you can’t leave me. Wake up!”

If Ling Xiao had died for her, she would not go on living alone.

“Don’t worry; a paltry low-rank xuan warrior won’t be able to kill your Young Master. Besides, I’ll never be willing to part with my Xi Xi.” Ling Xiao teased as he opened his eyes and slowly rose to his feet.

Everyone stared dumbly at Ling Xiao standing there all smiles. They couldn’t believe that he had come out unscathed after receiving a low-rank xuan warrior’s all-out attack.

Even an intermediate-rank xuan warrior would be injured by the full power of a low-rank xuan warrior’s attack, but this intermediate-rank xuan practitioner is like a cockroach that won’t die and didn’t even get a scratch on him. No one would believe this even if rumors were to spread

Lan Kuang Sheng was stunned for a moment and then yelled in disbelief, “You’re actually all right?! This is impossible!”

Ling Xiao pushed Bai Yu Xi to the side before he turned his head back and smiled. “What? Did you think you can take my life using these kinds of cheap tricks?”

Ling Xiao stopped laughing and swung the Blue Crystal Sword, unleashing a resplendent sword beam.

“Scar Leaving Sword!”

Lan Kuang Sheng had seen Ling Xiao use this move earlier. Although he didn’t see the attack coming, he never let down his guard. He spun the white fan in front of him, forming a giant shield of blue light that swept out in all directions to ward off Ling Xiao’s sword beams.

However, he didn’t anticipate that Ling Xiao’s move had only been a ruse. Ling Xiao moved around to Lan Kuang Sheng’s side and wound his leg back to unleash a Wind God Kick.

“Not good.” Lan Kuang Sheng sensed Ling Xiao’s sudden movement and called out in alarm, but he was too late to defend himself.

“Grass in the Wind!” The kicks came at such speed that his leg became a blur of afterimages, all landing directly on Lan Kuang Sheng’s lower back.


Lan Kuang Sheng flew backward like a kite with its string cut, blood spraying from his mouth.

“I’m going to rip you to pieces!” Lan Kuang Sheng barely kept himself from collapsing as he wiped the blood from his lips. His once handsome face has turned sinister and demented. He folded the white fan together in his hand and then screamed loudly, “Breaking Fan Spoke Flowers!”

Immediately, the spokes of Lan Kuang Sheng’s second-grade, low-level white fan extended outwards, exposing the sharp blades concealed inside. The most alarming were that the sharp blades shot out from the fan, which was followed by another salvo soon after.

Such a trump card was unexpectedly hidden inside of the fan!

Densely packed blades, row after row, flew toward Ling Xiao. He was caught off guard by the shocking speed with which the blades came and the unexpected nature of the attack.

“If you want to die, I can certainly oblige you.” Ling Xiao scoffed before he took hold of a corner of his dilapidated cloak and swung it in front of him to meet the incoming blades.

“Cloud and Moon Cloak!” Ling Xiao had unexpectedly used this move for defense.

Ling Xiao wasn’t finished. He reached for the Silver Ghost Blood Saber on his back and unsheathed it for the first time.

A dense, bloodthirsty savagery burst forth from the saber as it cut a crescent arc of silvery light toward Lan Kuang Sheng’s head.

Lan Kuang Sheng’s heart filled with dread. How could he have known that Ling Xiao would not only block his sneak attack but also follow up with such a powerful and vicious counter? The blade shadow gave rise to an intense feeling of life-or-death crisis in his heart. He raised the white fan in his hand to meet the saber descending toward his head.


The white fan offered little resistance against the Silver Ghost Blood Saber and was instantly chopped in half. The unrelenting saber continued on its downward trajectory with no loss of speed!

“NO!” Lan Kuang Sheng roared in fright but watched on helplessly, unable to change the outcome.


Lan Kuang Sheng was cleaved from head to toe, splitting his body in two, as a foul stench filled the air and blood splattered across the hall.

The hellish scene was terribly frightening, causing many with a weak stomach to vomit on the spot.

Upstairs, Li Qingqing’s face was white as a sheet, all colors drained from her once rosy cheeks. Her hands clenched into tight fists, fingernails digging into her palms. Her heart felt like it had been ripped apart.

Although she had never accepted Lan Kuang Sheng’s advances, she had smitten given her heart to Lan Kuang Sheng long ago. Regardless of appearance or strength, Lan Kuang Sheng could be considered among the best of the younger generation. He had shown exceptional talent to break through to the xuan warrior rank at age twenty-five. She had deliberately adopted an uninterested attitude toward Lan Kuang Sheng because she knew men won’t treasure things that they can easily obtain.

Now, Lan Kuang Sheng had stood up for her and was killed by this unknown youth. This made her furious but what good will it do her? At present, there are no Li Family experts here; the two intermediate-rank xuan practitioners and two high-rank xuan practitioners had been beheaded. Even Lan Kuang Sheng, a low-rank xuan warrior, had died at the hands of this youth. She is only an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner. How can she deal with this monster before her?

She was both afraid and angry, wanting nothing more than to kill this boy, but reason dictated that she must escape or else she would certainly be killed.

Although Ling Xiao had slain Lan Kuang Sheng, he had significantly depleted his xuan strength in the course of the battle. An ache slowly spread from his meridians, but it was fortunately not so bad that he could not endure, very different from the backlash from using “Scar Leaving Sword” as a martial apprentice. Not only has his strength increased, but his fleshly body had also undergone a dramatic transformation since then.

Ling Xiao exclaimed in his heart, “It seems like using Proud Ice Six Arts is out of the question before becoming a xuan warrior and achieving the ability to project xuan strength externally.”

The “Proud Ice Six Arts1” is a hereditary saber scripture of the Nie Family. A moment ago, Ling Xiao had used the first form, “Cold Stunning Glance,” an incredibly tyrannical move. If this technique is matched with ice attribute xuan strength, its power would be even more terrifying.

In his previous life, Ling Xiao had thoroughly studied Feng and Yun’s martial arts, and he was able to use it now with incredible proficiency. Only his body is still not robust enough to freely use the technique as he would have desired.

“The bitch upstairs, are you going to come down yourself or…should I personally go up and bring you down?” Ling Xiao raised his head and said in a low but clear voice to Li Qingqing.

“How dare you damned flunky curse at me! Do you know who you’re speaking to?! I’m a daughter of the Li Family, and the Lan Family will not let you get away with killing Kuang Sheng. You better pray for yourself.” Li Qingqing’s face turned black with anger. She knew she is not his match, so she used her family’s name to strengthen her courage.

“Li Family? Lan Family? So what? If I was afraid, I wouldn’t have slaughtered these men here. What a stupid woman. I’ll count to three, and you’ll come down and kowtow in front of my woman. If you don’t do that, I’ll kill you on this day next year.” Ling Xiao said coldly to Li Qingqing.

Before he had even started counting, someone shouted out in provocation. “You’re already on your last leg. I’ll kill you today on behalf of the Li Family, arrogant boy.”

  1. The saber technique used by Nie Fung from the manhua Fung Wan.

TL Note: I’ll be taking a two-week vacation so I will not be releasing new chapters until I come back on the 22nd.


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  1. it always surprise me how can cultivators have no common sense, it is obvious that the MC has a strong backing since he is not afraid when they speak the name of their families,thanks for the chapter


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