WCG Chapter 38

Translated by Moe

Chapter 38 Whoever Touches Her, Dies!

Ling Xiao’s body has been refreshed using the Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art. Of course, the Three Parts Return Vital Energy also played a vital role in his fast recovery. Elder Taishang would certainly be scared out of his skin if he were to find out that Ling Xiao had restored his meridians yesterday evening because this is an indication of achieving the small success stage of the second transformation, Muscle Refining.

Many years ago, Elder Taishang had to undergo bitter and grievous misery and suffering, spending close to a year to cultivate the second transformation to the small success stage. Ling Xiao had only spent a short half-month, shocking to the extreme.

Ling Xiao emerged from within the cave. After several weeks of intense training, there were very little clothes left on his body. The remaining tattered rags now cling on to him by threads, just like a dirty, unkempt beggar, yet this couldn’t diminish his lean and sturdy stature, his handsome good looks, or those eyes ablaze with vigor and intensity, appearing clear and distinct.

Just as Ling Xiao was about to begin another day of training, Xiao Mei came running over, red of face and gasping for breath.

Before she could even get close, one of the practitioners had barred her way. During the day, everyone except for Bai Yu Xi is prohibited from disturbing Ling Xiao. This was in accordance with Elder Taishang’s orders.

“Y-Young Master, help!” Having been stopped, Xiao Mei had no choice but to cry out to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao had recognized her at a glance as a maid from his family and ran over without delay.

“Xiao Mei, tell me what happened.” Ling Xiao asked.

Xiao Mei sucked in mouthfuls of air, answering between gasps for breath. “Yu…Yu Xi, you…you need to save her…”

As soon as Ling Xiao heard Bai Yu Xi’s in trouble, he immediately became cold in his manners, and, shaking Xiao Mei by her shoulders, asked, “Speak clearly. What happened to her?!”

Bai Yu Xi is the only woman he had intimate relations with in his life. Nothing needs to be said about her importance to him.

Xiao Mei was so scared of Ling Xiao’s sudden cold and gloomy demeanor that she couldn’t find her voice.

The practitioner nearby intervened to try and ease Ling Xiao’s anger, “Stop shaking her, Young Master. She can’t breathe.”

Ling Xiao realized that he had been too forceful and loosened his grip on Xiao Mei’s shoulders right away, even passing a trace of xuan strength over to her before he calmly said, “Catch your breath and tell me everything from the beginning.”

Xiao Mei eventually regained her breath and explained the incident that happened at the fabric store earlier.

“You said Yu Xi had been taken away?!” A heavy frown rested in a deep cleft between Ling Xiao’s eyebrows as a cold murderous aura exploded out from within him.

Xiao Mei nodded her head vigorously. She knew that the Young Master is sure to be furious this time.

Ling Xiao let out a curse and then immediately ran back home. How can he still worry about training at this time? Saving Yu Xi is more important than anything else.


His heart was burning with impatience as he returned to his room to fetch his Blue Crystal Sword and a giant silver blade.

This blade is called the Silver Ghost Blood Saber, another second-grade, intermediate-level weapon he had taken from Elder Taishang.

After securing the sword and saber to his back, Ling Xiao didn’t even change his clothes before he stormed over to the fabric store Xiao Mei had mentioned.

Tiger Six and Tiger Seven noticed Ling Xiao’s sudden flurry of activity and barely saw him at all before he rushed out of the residence, compelling the two guards to follow closely in pursuit. The two of them were left wondering what had happened for the Young Master to be so worried. However, even though they are intermediate-rank xuan warriors, their speed is still markedly slower than Ling Xiao using the Phantom Cloud Step. After running for a half a kilometer, they lost sight of Ling Xiao altogether.

Their hearts shook. They were aware of Ling Xiao’s strength, but they didn’t expect his speed to be so remarkable as well. Perhaps only a high-rank xuan warrior can compare with him.

There was no time to think as they decided to immediately go in the direction they last saw him heading. There’s no way they’d be able to take responsibility if any accident befalls Ling Xiao.

When Ling Xiao arrived at the fabric store, the storekeeper was in the middle of promoting different cloth to a wealthy lady.

Ling Xiao stormed in, and, without saying a word, pulled at the storekeeper’s collar and asked, “The people who took the girl. Where did they go?”

The storekeeper was caught off guard by the question, and stared blankly for a moment at Ling Xiao in his tattered clothes. Just as he was about to get angry, he saw the murderous intent roiling in his eyes as well as the two cold weapons behind him. He swallowed back his rain of curses and timidly replied, “I don’t understand the Young Master’s question.”

“Was there not a girl being beaten here earlier today? Answer me honestly, and I’ll spare your life.” Ling Xiao’s eyes darkened as he asked.

This instantly caused the storekeeper to regain his senses, and nodded his head up and down vigorously and mumbled, “I-It was the Li Family’s Young Lady who took her away.”

“Took her where?”

“I h-heard her say she w-w-will sell her at the House of Intoxicating Fragrance.”

Ling Xiao’s entire body exploded out with murderous intent as he threw the storekeeper casually to the side, instantly knocking the poor storekeeper unconscious.

Back at the House of Intoxicating Fragrance, the excitement had already reached a fever pitch, with the bid going from fifty gold coins to 280 gold coins.

The highest bidder thus far is a free adventurer, a high-rank xuan practitioner, with rough, uncouth manners and somewhat boorish appearance; his arms were corded with muscle and covered with bulging blue veins. Every time he speaks, many in the crowd would shut their mouth.

Just when it looked as if no one else will place a higher bid, a gentle and reserved voice lightly rang out, “350 gold coins.”

The voice had barely finished when the entire House of Intoxicating Fragrance went into an uproar.

Who is this person who dares to openly compete with a high-rank xuan practitioner and to do so by directly raising the price to 350 gold coins? He must be tired of living.

The high-rank xuan practitioner sent an unhappy glare over at the person who had outbid him, and seem as if he’d lose his temper at any moment. But his expression changed in the blink of an eye, softening into a polite smile as he cupped his hand in greeting toward a man on the second floor. “So it turns out to be Lord Murong. Please forgive my indiscretion. This woman rightfully belongs to Lord Murong.”

The high-rank xuan practitioner clearly recognized the other party as his attitude seemed rather apprehensive, even fearful. He immediately adopted an ingratiating manner and didn’t dare to bid again.

The tense silence in the room was broken as the soft voice rang out once more, “Heh heh. If no one else bids, then this woman will belong to me, Murong Gu.”

“So it was Lord Murong. No wonder that wild boar didn’t dare to utter a word.”

“Rumor has it that Lord Murong has already broken through to intermediate-rank xuan warrior. I even heard that Commander Qing Lang had personally invited him to join the Black Wolf Regiment and promised him a Captain’s position in return.”

“That’s right, but I heard Lord Murong had rejected his offer straightaway.”

“The Black Wolf Regiment’s influence in the city is only second to the major families. Why would Lord Murong refuse?”

“Maybe Lord Murong is accustomed to living an unfettered life.”


Murong Gu, called by some ‘Lone Wolf’, is a free adventurer by trade, thirty-five years old, and broke through to intermediate-rank xuan warrior not long ago. He acquired a foul reputation; lecherous, addicted to gambling, and kills wantonly with total disregard for human life. Adventurers and small mercenary groups alike dread meeting him the most in the Desolate Chaparral Mountains, because he is infamous for killing others for money.

Murong Gu became completely besotted with Bai Yu Xi the moment he laid eyes on her. He made a firm decision that he would pay any price to get hold of her.

The madam laughed melodically and said, “This Lord has offered a high price of 350 gold coins. Is there anyone else willing to put forth an even higher bid?”

The madam was bursting with joy. A common girl merely sells for ten gold coins, but this beautiful girl brought by her Young Lady had surprisingly reached a sky-high price of over 300 gold coins! This is really unimaginable.

Upstairs, Li Qingqing smiled a wry smile, quite pleased with herself as she said, “I didn’t expect this stinking wench would fetch such a high price.”

Lan Kuang Sheng also wore a smile to match, but he couldn’t help but feel ill at ease when he call to mind that this woman had said she’s from the Ling Family. This matter is getting out of hand. His Lan Family is second only to the three major families in Falling Stone City, but there is an almost insurmountable discrepancy in strength between them and not people his Lan Family can afford to offend. Otherwise, he won’t be fawning over Li Qingqing trying to win her favor.

“Very well, since no one’s bidding, this…” The madam saw that there were no further bids and was just about to announce the end of the sale.

“Hold a minute. I offer 400 gold coins.” called an arrogant voice from upstairs.

Everyone was in an uproar and cried out loudly. Who would have thought this wench can sell for such a high price. More surprising, there’s still someone with the gall to bid against the ‘Lone Wolf.’

Murong Gu frowned slightly before looking in the direction of the voice and then disdainfully snorted, “I was wondering who it was. It turns out to be Elder Brother ‘Solitary Eagle.’ Since Elder Brother is interested, then may the better man win. I’ll bid 410 gold coins.”

The one who bid against Murong Gu is an equally famous adventurer going by the alias of Solitary Eagle. He is a man of tall and powerful stature, dressed from head to toe in a black martial uniform, with an eyepatch covering one eye and a penetrating, vicious light shining in the other. To either side of him are two beautiful women serving him wine and waiting on him.

Solitary Eagle heard Murong Gu and immediately laughed heartily, “Haha! I always get the woman I’ve taken an interest in. I’ll bid 450 gold coins!”

“460 gold coins!”




These men were the last two bidders remaining in the hall. No one else made a sound. Who would dare to offend these two notorious killing gods of Falling Stone City? They could very well lose their lives over such perceived affront.

Unwittingly, the price has already soared to 710 gold coins.

“Solitary Eagle, if you bid again, I’ll concede!” Murong Gu shouted as his fist slammed on a table, clearly furious. If it were not that the Solitary Eagle’s strength surpasses his own, perhaps he would already have killed the other.

After Solitary Eagle leisurely drank a cup of wine, a smirk appeared on his face as he said, “I’m not as rich and extravagant as you, Lone Wolf, to part with 710 gold coins for a mere prostitute. Elder Brother has nothing but admiration for your profligacy.”

When Solitary Eagle’s words came out, Murong Gu knew that he had been fooled. He banged his fist on the table again, this time with such force that it smashed into splinters, and then thundered at Solitary Eagle. “You played me!”

“Humph! I didn’t force you to bid, you did it yourself. Could it be that the famous Lone Wolf doesn’t have enough gold coins? If that’s the case, Elder Brother doesn’t mind lending you some. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to leave the House of Intoxicating Fragrance if you don’t pay in full.” Solitary Eagle’s mocking tone belied his satisfaction in pulling the wool over Murong Gu’s eyes.

“Good! Good! Very good!” Murong Gu shouted good again and again, a strong murderous intent shone in his eyes.

“Heh heh, Elder Brother couldn’t be better.” Solitary Eagle laughed as the woman by his side hand-fed him grapes.

Murong Gu said nothing but gave a cold snort as he took out a bag of gold coins and threw it to the madam downstairs. He then glared at Solitary Eagle for a moment before turning around to leave.

The madam didn’t even bother to verify the coins and immediately passed down orders to an attendant nearby, “Deliver her to the best suite we have available.”

Inside the cage, Bai Yu Xi has lost all hope now. She knew that it would be difficult for her to escape this predicament. She is filled with despair and wanted to die.

“Even if I die, I won’t let anyone defile my body. I belong to the Young Master in life and in death.” Heart-wrenching tears fell from Bai Yu Xi eyes as she made a firm decision in her heart.

Just as she was about to commit suicide by biting off her tongue, an explosive voice could be heard coming from outside that pulled her back from death’s door.

“Whoever touches her, dies!”


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