WCG Chapter 39

Translated by Moe

Chapter 39 Bloodstained House of Intoxicating Fragrance

Inside the House of Intoxicating Fragrance, all eyes were on the door.

They saw a youth with a sword and saber slung over his back calmly walk forward. His clothes were ragged and tattered just like the modern day “Brother Sharp1.” Long, black hair fell like a waterfall down his back, framing a delicate and handsome face that radiated a strong murderous intent.

The youth’s movements were strange. He moved with speed, yet appears to be slow. With just a few steps, he had slipped through the encircling crowd and arrived in front of the iron cage.

Who else could he be but Ling Xiao!

The madam’s reaction was the fastest as she pinched her nose with her fingers, an expression of scorn and disdain on her face as she said, “Get the hell out of here you filthy beggar, or else I’ll summon my men to break your legs.”

“Yu Xi, are you alright?” Ling Xiao ignored the madam and instead looked tenderly at Bai Yu Xi; at her tear stained face, and at the red and swollen cheeks. Bai Yu Xi’s pain felt like a stab to his heart.

“Y-Young Master, Yu Xi has brought shame you.” Bai Yu Xi spontaneously burst into tears. She never thought that the Young Master would actually appear, even as she prayed for him to rescue her. She had thought that the likelihood of her prayers being answered was slim to none. When her Young Master showed up before her eyes, she knew that this wasn’t a dream. The Young Master is truly here.

“Don’t cry. Young Master will take you away.” Ling Xiao tried his best to maintain his composure, but the savage gleam in his eyes belied how he really felt inside.

Today, someone must answer for this. He swears that he won’t rest until blood is spilled!

“What are you all standing around for? Break his legs and throw him out.” The Madam shouted at two guards close by.

Both of the guards are eighth-rank martial apprentices. On hearing the madam’s orders, they advanced toward Ling Xiao menacingly.

“I’ll help you vent your anger by killing these two houseflies first.” Ling Xiao didn’t even turn his head to look; he only placed his hand on the hilt of the Blue Crystal Sword.

“You’re courting death, you stinking beg—.“ One of the eighth-rank martial apprentices cursed as he raised his fist to strike at Ling Xiao.

Before he could even finish speaking, a sword light flashed.

A thin red line appeared on the martial apprentice’s neck just moments before his head separated from his body.

The other martial apprentice looked on in a daze. So shocked was he, that for just a moment, he was frozen in place as he tried to process what was happening. Before he had time to fall back, he met with the same fate as his companion.

The two eighth-rank martial apprentices were slain in an instant.

Everyone in the hall turned white in shock!

Suddenly, screams of terror broke out as panic set in among the patrons. Where would ordinary merchants have seen such a sanguinary scene? Quite a few people vomited on the spot, others ran away to hide in the rooms or even directly escape from the brothel.

Only those who are inured to scenes of bloodshed remained behind.


The madam screamed, “Ah! Murder!” She then kept retreating backward so as to avoid being mistakenly killed by this beggar.

“Don’t be scared, Yu Xi. Young Master will make those responsible for this to kneel before you.” Ling Xiao murmured to Bai Yu Xi. The Blue Crystal Sword cut down on the iron cage and directly split it open.

“Young Master!” Bai Yu Xi exclaimed, relief evident in her voice, as she threw herself at Ling Xiao, burying her beautiful face in his chest and sobbed freely.

When she finally smelled the Young Master’s unique musk and felt the solid strength of his broad chest, an unprecedented sense of security and peace washed over her.

“There, now! Be good and stop crying. You won’t want other people to tease you now.” Ling Xiao disregarded everyone else in the House of Intoxicating Fragrance as he comforted in a tender voice and lightly caressed Bai Yu Xi’s hair.

Sure enough, Bai Yu Xi was very obedient and immediately stopped crying, but still sniffling softly from time to time.

“Who are you to cause a ruckus in the Li Family’s territory? Have you gotten tired of living?” Li Qingqing finally spoke from her position upstairs. She hadn’t anticipated that someone would to poke his nose into her business and ruin her fun.

When she heard this voice, Bai Yu Xi couldn’t help but feel a sense of fear creep over her, causing her to tighten her hold on Ling Xiao’s waist.

As an intelligent person, Ling Xiao immediately figured out Li Qingqing’s identity. On the way here, he had brought the storekeeper with him as a guide, and he had already been informed of Li Qingqing’s status as Li Family’s treasured young lady and that it was she who had snatched Bai Yu Xi.

Ling Xiao patted Bai Yu Xi on the shoulders and then raised his head to look over at Li Qingqing. The coldness and killing intent flickering in his eyes sent a chill shivering through Li Qingqing.

“It was you who brought her here?” Ling Xiao asked, completely ignoring Li Qingqing’s earlier question.

“So what if I am? Who told her to offend me? You will kill yourself if you have any tact, or else I will make sure you die a slow, painful death.” Li Qingqing said crudely to Ling Xiao.

“So you will sell her into prostitution just because she accidentally bumped into you with the fabric? Haha! Incredible…Li Family’s Young Lady is just incredible. I’ve learned something new today.” Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes and said coolly. He then faced upwards and roared with laughter, having made up his mind on sentencing Li Qingqing to death.

“My delicate and noble self is not someone a wretched servant girl like her can touch. Men, capture this stinking beggar! I must make him wish he were dead.” Li Qingqing snapped.

Within mere moments, four xuan practitioner guards appeared from their concealed positions in the House of Intoxicating Fragrance. These two intermediate-rank xuan practitioners and two high-rank xuan practitioners represent the true fighting strength defending the brothel.

“Step back first and watch as I get justice for you.” Ling Xiao said to Bai Yu Xi in a quiet tone.

Bai Yu Xi knew that she cannot encumber the Young Master, so she cleverly went to hid in a corner, but didn’t forget to exhort, “Young Master, be careful!”

Just at this time, an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner struck first, a punch burst forth with explosive force toward Lin g Xiao.

Ling Xiao didn’t even move and took the blow directly.

When the intermediate-rank xuan practitioner struck Ling Xiao, his hands felt like he’d hit a stone block as a searing pain shot up his arms.

Ling Xiao turned around to face his attacker and remarked in a faint voice, “Was this meant to tickle me?”

This scene caused a great shock among all the practitioners in the House of Intoxicating Fragrance. The same thoughts were going through everyone’s mind: could this person be a xuan warrior rank expert? He’s completely unfazed by the punch! But why does he only show the strength of an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner? Is he still concealing his strength?

Ling Xiao cultivates the Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art. After he completed the first transformation, he could receive all-out attacks from high-rank xuan practitioners, not to mention an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner. Now that Ling Xiao has undergone half a month of bitter torment cultivating the second transformation and absorbed vast amounts of precious medicinal properties to fortify his body, even a low-rank xuan warrior would not cause him any significant harm.

This is the power of the Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art.

The intermediate-rank xuan practitioner couldn’t believe his eyes. This youth is clearly no older than twenty—seventeen or eighteen years old perhaps—so he couldn’t have reached the xuan warrior rank. Could his all-out attack really have no effect on this youth?

The intermediate-level xuan practitioner circulated the xuan strength in his body, condensing an extraordinarily overbearing punch, and bringing it to bear on Ling Xiao’s chest.

Ling Xiao stood motionless as before and took the blow head on.

This punch also proved to be of no avail. The intermediate-rank xuan practitioner thought of retreating, but the thought came too late.

“Useless piece of trash, you’re not even fit to scratch an itch for this Young Master.” Ling Xiao reproached before he finally unleashed a punch of his own at the intermediate-rank xuan practitioner.

“Frost Wind Face Strike,” Sky Frost Fist’s first form.

No Frost Energy disseminated, only a biting cold fist power.


The intermediate-rank xuan practitioner had no time to retreat and Ling Xiao’s punch landed directly on the bridge of his nose. There was a sickening crunch of bone breaking followed by a blood-curdling scream as the intermediate-rank xuan practitioner was sent flying backward.

His three colleagues no longer stood idly by and watch from the sidelines. All three men attacked simultaneously.

Two men attacked Ling Xiao from up high while the other one attacked from below, determined to finish the fight in one move. If it weren’t for their Young Lady’s request to capture this youth alive, they’d have turned him into mincemeat with their weapons.

But just because they can’t use their weapons doesn’t mean that Ling Xiao cannot.

Ling Xiao showed no fear in the face of this joint attack. Instead, a slight grin appeared on his face as he waved the Blue Crystal Sword once more.

Suddenly, many blue sword beams swept through the air and shot toward the three men from all directions.

Hegemon technique’s first form, “Scar Leaving Sword!”

How could the three pitiful xuan practitioners have anticipated the enemy can unleash such an overbearing sword technique? With no time to retreat, the three men were immediately engulfed by the sword beams.




Three anguished screams rang out; one man was killed, and two were injured. The one to die was the intermediate-rank xuan practitioner while the two high-rank xuan practitioners each had an arm severed. They were cuts in many places on their bodies from which blood is gushing in torrents.

The intermediate-rank xuan practitioner with the broken nose watched on in terror, his whole body drenched in cold sweat. He was secretly rejoicing that he didn’t attack together with his comrades.

“It’d be better for handicapped people to just die!” Ling Xiao said in a low voice. He suddenly charged like a demon toward the two injured high-rank xuan practitioners.

Upstairs, Lan Kuang Sheng shouted out by Li Qingqing’s side, “Watch out!” He then jumped down from the second floor, intending to save the men.

But how could he match Ling Xiao’s speed?

Blood must be spilled each time he unsheathed his sword. Before the two guards knew what hit them, they felt a cold sensation on their necks just moments before their heads separated neatly and cleanly.

Of the House of Intoxicating Fragrance’s four xuan practitioner guards, only one intermediate-rank xuan practitioner remain.

Ling Xiao’s gaze swept over the intermediate-rank xuan practitioner and made his hair to stand on end. He unconsciously took several steps back, simultaneously taking out his large saber and looking as if he was trying to find his courage.

“Who the hell are you? Don’t you know that this establishment is under the Li Family’s control?” Lan Kuang Sheng spoke to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao completely ignored Lan Kuang Sheng and attacked with the Blue Crystal Sword again.

The intermediate-rank xuan practitioner knew that he was about to die, so he staked his life on one final, desperate attack.

Unfortunately, the result still ended with his saber broken and him losing his life.

“You dare to ignore me? You’ve got guts!” As a low-rank xuan warrior, Lan Kuang Sheng couldn’t help but be furious that a youth with what appears to be the strength of an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner dare to kill someone in his presence. At the same time, he wanted to kill this person in front of Li Qingqing, making himself look good in the process, and thereby gaining her affection.

The folded fan in his hand opened and closed, unexpectedly launching a sneak attack at Ling Xiao from behind.

“Finally a decent challenge.” Ling Xiao’s eyes shone with powerful killing intent. For his first woman, he’s going to kill to his heart’s content today.

Ling Xiao parried with his sword, but Lan Kuang Sheng’s strength forced him back many steps.

Not far away, Bai Yu Xi couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, “Young Master!”

Lan Kuang Sheng was under the impression that his opponent would also be a low-rank xuan warrior but didn’t expect that he wouldn’t even be able to receive this attack. He couldn’t help but have misgivings: Is he really just an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner?”

If he is just an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner, how did he kill two intermediate-rank xuan practitioners and two high-rank xuan practitioners so swiftly?

In Ling Xiao’s eyes, nothing is impossible!

  1. Brother Sharp, or Xi Li Ge, is a homeless man who became a Chinese meme in 2010 when a picture of him was posted on the internet.

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    • If he introduced himself, his plan to spill blood wouldn’t be as effective.
      It would be better if they didn’t know who he is.
      If they did, the guards and the madam would run away and try to escape.


  1. What an idiot. Ling xiao easily took care of 4 people with 2 being HRP as an immediate and instead of worrying about LX’s background, he is trying to impress that slut.
    Where did his vigilance from last chap go? lol


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