WCG Chapter 36

Translated by Moe

Chapter 36 Young Master, Take me!

Ling Xiao sank into the big tub.

“Ss!” Ling Xiao couldn’t help sucking in a breath. This water was so hot that it nearly burned his skin right off. Fortunately, he had already mastered the first transformation, and his skin had become exceptionally resilient. If not, he would have immediately jumped back out from the tub.

Ling Xiao begins to clear his mind and silently chant the Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art’s mnemonics, absorbing the medicinal properties of the scalding hot water.

Initially, the absorption speed could not be considered fast, but Ling Xiao could clearly sense the swelling on his limbs slowly subside. The torn skin and open wounds healed at a rate visible to the naked eye. Each and every cell hummed with activity, scrambling to absorb the medicinal properties. Ling Xiao gradually entered a state of no-thought, and the absorption speed increased rapidly. The medicinal water in the wooden tub surged into a whirlpool with Ling Xiao at the center. This sight was incredibly mystical.

Bai Yu Xi’s ruby-lipped mouth was wide open, but she didn’t dare to make any sound for fear of disturbing Ling Xiao. She withdrew to one side and begins cultivating Water Moon Divine Skill.

She is currently a fourth-rank martial practitioner. She had only spent a little over a month to cultivate from her humble beginnings as an ordinary person without any foundation whatsoever to becoming a fourth-rank martial practitioner. This is, of course, inextricably linked to the Water Moon Divine Skill that Ling Xiao has imparted to her. Her meridians had been in perfect condition, and her latent talent was above average, so it was only natural that her cultivation speed was so incredible. She won’t run into any problems when the time comes for her to break through to xuan practitioner rank

Ling Xiao didn’t expect that the Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art is not just a body strengthening external skill, but is also a powerful skill that allows its practitioner to rapidly absorb medicinal properties. He couldn’t understand where Elder Taishang had come upon a magical technique like this. As long as he continues cultivating this skill, it would allow him to find all kinds of high-grade spirit grass. But would absorbing make his body eventually become impervious to all cold weapons and achieve the full and complete strength of all the five elements?

Ling Xiao didn’t have time to think about these questions as the absorption speed accelerated faster and faster. Three Parts Return Vital Energy also started rotating automatically, assimilating a portion of the medicinal strength into his internal organs and enhancing his bodily functions.

Three Parts Return Vital Energy’s mystical abilities never stop surprising Ling Xiao. It’s no wonder that Xiong Ba had used Three Parts Return Vital Energy to proclaim himself hegemon of wulin all those years ago. Sure enough, it has its unique qualities.

After two hours had passed, the tub of black medicinal water had become clear. The medicinal property that was in the crystal clear water had been completely assimilated by Ling Xiao.

If Elder Taishang was present, his jaws would definitely drop from the shock. Back when he was in Ling Xiao’s position, it had taken him nearly the entire night to absorb this much medicinal strength, but Ling Xiao had only taken two hours. This absorption speed is too incredible!

Ling Xiao opened his eyes, shooting out two beams of sharp, penetrating light. He let out a light breath of air and leaped out from the wooden tub, completing a full somersault in the air before coming back down on the ground.

“Young Master, are you done?” Bai Yu Xi immediately awakened from her meditation and happily called out.

Ling Xiao was just about to respond to Bai Yu Xi when his complexion suddenly turned rosy red like a demure young maiden. He just remembered that he was stark naked.

Bai Yu Xi had already seen all there was to see when Ling Xiao was immersed in the medicinal water. Seeing Ling Xiao’s naked body again, she was no longer as bashful as she had been earlier, and only the slight blush on her cheeks belied her calm outward demeanor. She arrived in front of Ling Xiao and boldly wrapped her arms around Ling Xiao’s waist as she whispered, “Young Master, take me!”


Ling Xiao’s lower parts became as straight as a spear as his mind went blank.

Although he had fantasized about Bai Yu Xi constantly, this extraordinary expert who prides himself on being learned in many things found himself not knowing what to do when the occasion has arrived.

Bai Yu Xi laid her delicate cheeks on Ling Xiao’s chest, tightly embracing Ling Xiao’s waist. She had never had intimate relations before, and also didn’t know how to please a man.

Ling Xiao regained his presence of mind and responded in a low, indistinct voice. “Yu Xi, are you absolutely sure about this?” Ling Xiao’s breathing quickened, as an intense desire slowly appeared in his eyes.

“Young Master, I have decided to be yours and only yours in this life ever since you saved me. Young Master, take me. I won’t regret this.” Bai Yu Xi answered, her soft, delicate voice held a sensuous trace of temptation.

“Very well, I swear to you that you will be my woman from today onwards.” Ling Xiao’s heart was exploding as he immediately embraced Bai Yu Xi tightly and favored her delicate lips with a fierce and driven kiss, his hand roughly tearing her clothes off.

The sight of her lovely face, the feel of her silken-smooth skin, and the smell of her fragrant breath was incredibly enticing and moving.

This exquisite view, like a beautiful flower just waiting to be plucked, demands any gentleman to respond appropriately. Those who don’t will certainly be punished by Heaven.

Ling Xiao didn’t want to invite the wrath of Heaven and proceeded to do the “beastly act” that any man would do.

A full moon hung quietly in the night sky, half hidden behind clouds that drifted like black smoke as if it didn’t wish to watch this shameful behavior.


The eastern sky became tipped with the first gray streaks of dawn, illuminating the landscape with the day’s first light.

Ling Xiao had already risen earlier, continuing where he left off the day before, subjecting himself to another round of ruinous torment.

Last night, Ling Xiao had made a full recover after absorbing the many precious medicinal ingredients. He even accomplished the thing that eluded him for two lifetimes and thereby becoming a real man, leaving him especially gung-ho this morning.

The one who attacked Ling Xiao today is the wood attribute practitioner. Thorny vines swayed back and forth in the air, constantly thrashing Ling Xiao’s body, leaving bloody cuts of varying degrees behind.

The wounds inflicted by the wood attribute attacks differ from that of the gold attribute. The gold attribute attacks were straightforward and artless, causing people to scream out in pain with every strike. But the wood attribute attacks are deceptive—the stinging thorns attack the nerves, causing an excruciating pain that drove him mad with agony and wishing he were dead.

The intensity of today’s attacks had already reached about fifty percent of the power of a low-rank xuan warrior. Ling Xiao used Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art to resist, but the veins on his hands and feet still felt as if they were ripping apart. And when he reached the limit of his endurance, when the pain became more than he could bear, he gave in and took a Moisture Returning Pill.

“Come. I’m an unkillable cockroach!” Ling Xiao let out a spirited roar after taking the pill, releasing a terrifying aura like that of an immortal god of war. Long, vicious wounds snaked their way throughout his body.

Even the wood attribute practitioner attacking Ling Xiao jumped with alarm.

“What an incredible fighting spirit!” All four practitioners thought inwardly as they observed from the side.

“Bang! Bang!”

“Again!” Ling Xiao seemed to have already adapted to this attack power and bellowed at his attacker after receiving another round of thrashing.

This was the wood attribute practitioner’s first time torturing someone like this, and this was the first time he had seen someone capable of taking such a beating. He immediately launched a flurry of attacks at Ling Xiao, raising the attack power to eighty percent of the power of a low-rank xuan warrior. Even a xuan warrior would be hard-pressed to receive these attacks without suffering major trauma.

Ling Xiao is no exception. His hands and feet had started to deform, so badly beaten that he had almost collapsed on the ground. Only his stubborn willpower made it possible for him to continue.

At last, just as he came upon his limit of forbearance, the sun quietly descended below the horizon.

“The day’s finally over!” Ling Xiao said, only half conscious as he plopped himself down on the ground, but a victorious smile still hung on his face.

Bai Yu Xi felt her heart bleed at the sight of Ling Xiao tormented appearance. She had already become the Young Master’s woman last night and had given her whole heart to him. Seeing Ling Xiao’s wounds, she felt as if her heart had been cut out.

However, she knows that Ling Xiao was undergoing an incredible rigorous training. The only thing she could do was clench her teeth and reassure herself, “Young Master can surely overcome this!”

She helped Ling Xiao into the wooden tub to let him absorb the medicinal strength and heal himself.

Outside the cave, the five practitioners still had lingering fear as they discussed the training that transpired earlier that day.

“What xuan skill is Elder Taishang having Young Master Ling Xiao practice for the training to be so harsh?”

“What makes you think I would know anything you don’t? Only Elder Taishang can truly know.

It’s natural that Elder Taishang would be tougher on his chosen successor disciple.”

“But this is too extreme. Young Master Ling Xiao has had his legs and arms broken in multiple places. Even we wouldn’t be able to take it, let alone Young Master Ling Xiao who is merely an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner. I wonder if he can even continue with the training tomorrow.”

“Even someone made of steel would find it difficult to come back from this.”


The next day, Ling Xiao looked to be in high spirits and none the worse for wear as he approached his sparring partners, shocking them into disbelief and fear.

They finally understood what kind of inhuman existence Young Master Ling Xiao is. That indestructible body, to be able to stand back up time and time again after being beaten half to death, is simply too powerful. As expected of Elder Taishang’s successor disciple.

It was the water attribute practitioner’s turn to break Ling Xiao today. Water attribute attacks are considerably gentler than the other four attributes, so he went all-out from the very beginning.

Ling Xiao persevered through clenched teeth and remained standing at the end of the day.

The following day came the attack of the fire attribute practitioner.

The fire attribute is similar to the gold attribute, known for its intense and aggressive attacks. The worst was the blistering heat, the feeling of being roasted alive that caused Ling Xiao to scream out incessantly. His normally delicate arms have now charred the color of ashes. Ling Xiao was only able to survive that day after taking two Moisture Returning Pills to alleviate the pain.

The fifth day continued with attacks from the earth attribute practitioner.

Time slowly went on. Soon half a month passed. On one particular night, Ling Xiao had just finished the day’s relentless training and jumped into the wooden tub. It didn’t take ten minutes for him to completely assimilate all the medicinal properties inside the tub, but he discovered his muscles and tendons did not fully recover as it had in the past.

“Damn it! Don’t play with me.” Ling Xiao said, animated.

The Moisture Returning Pills could only be used during the first half month of training, so they are no longer available for him to take. And now it seems that even this medicinal water is not enough to return him to health. What’s to be done?

Ling Xiao knows that the reason is not that the medicinal water is lacking; rather, he had not accounted for the Three Parts Return Vital Energy to absorb the medicinal properties in addition to the Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art. Hence, the current predicament emerged where the medicinal properties are insufficient to restore his bruised and battered muscles.

So when Bai Yu Xi didn’t come by to deliver his food and another attendant arrived in her place, Ling Xiao was truly up the creek without a paddle this time.

“I can only depend on myself now.” Ling Xiao knew that he cannot rely on external help this time. Emptying his mind, he began to chant the mnemonics for Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art’s second transformation, Muscle Refining, and made use of his own xuan strength to slowly invigorate the blood flow and nourish his muscles and tendons.

The process started slowly, but the effects were undeniable; a prickly sensation gradually spread through his whole body. Ling Xiao couldn’t help but inwardly praise the Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art. As long as he has sufficient xuan strength in the future, his recovery speed would certainly be many times faster than at present. He felt that this skill shouldn’t be called the Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art. It should be called the Rebirth Secret Art.

However, just as Ling Xiao was feeling very pleased, the Three Parts Return Vital Energy suddenly began to rotate, causing xuan strength to surge forth from his dantian in all direction and restore his muscles.

“It looks like the Three Parts Return Vital Energy also has an incredibly powerful restoration capability!” Ling Xiao exclaimed before concentrating once again.

Ling Xiao entered the state of no-thought, allowing his body to slowly recuperate. If Ling Xiao could look inside himself at the moment, he would be shocked to discover his muscles had unexpectedly become several times tougher and more durable than before.

Ling Xiao finally recovered after sitting in meditation all night.

As he was about to let out a hearty laugh, he received a message that infuriated him.

A towering rage seethed inside him, making him lose all sense of reason and control, and turned him into a bloodthirsty beast.


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