WCG Chapter 37

Translated by Moe

Chapter 37 Yu Xi Meets with Mishap

Bai Yu Xi was in an exceptionally good mood after becoming Ling Xiao’s woman. She had finally become Ling Xiao’s woman! Her heart was filled with an indescribable happiness.

After her Young Master had saved her from the clutches of Li Guang Yin, she had made a firm resolution to follow Young Master for the rest of her life. Nowadays, there are few people willing to stand up for commoner woman let alone saving one without seeking something in return. Such a noble person is worthy of being followed by the ordinary people. When she came to the Ling Family and had the chance to interact with him every day, she discovered that this Young Master was completely different than any other Young Master she had ever met.

He had always treated her with deference and courtesy, never regarded her as a servant girl, and even considered her as part of the family. He speaks with poise and confidence without losing his sense of humor. Not only was he willing to put himself in harm’s way for her, but he also used his free time to teach her xuan skills and gave her a new lease on life as a practitioner.

Everything he had done for her had touched her deeply. For a maiden who had resigned to her fate as a slave or worst, he had given her a life that was more than she could ever dream of.

Besides giving her body to the Young Master, she didn’t know how else she could repay him for his grace. At the same time, she had fallen deeply in love with the Young Master, but would never be so presumptuous as to expect him to take her as his wife. She would be perfectly contented as long as there’s a place for her in the Young Master’s heart.

It breaks her heart to see the Young Master’s martial uniform turned to shred every day she delivers food to him and can’t help thinking she hasn’t done anything for the Young Master. That is why she took it upon herself to go to the market today to buy some high-quality fabric to tailor some clothes for him. She could place an order with the tailor’s shop, but she didn’t think this was enough to show her sincerity. Therefore, she planned to make clothes for the Young Master with her own hands just as she had done for her mother before she passed away.

Bai Yu Xi arrived at the fabric store and selected several first-rate fabrics but accidentally bumped into someone when she came out after paying the bill.

“Aiya! Are you blind? How dare you bump into me!” The woman that Bai Yu Xi grazed with the rolls of fabric started shouting obscenities the moment she opened her mouth.

Bai Yu Xi always had a good and honest character and felt that she had been in the wrong, so she immediately apologized to the other woman. “I’m sorry, Young Lady. It was an honest mistake.”

“You think a little ‘I’m sorry’ is going to cut it? Do you know who I am? You think I’m someone a lowly servant girl like you can touch?” The woman is also an absolute beauty, but her good looks pale in comparison to Bai Yu Xi.  When she saw Bai Yu Xi appear so lovely and bright, the anger in her heart grew to new heights.  She instantly swung her hand around hard to strike at Bai Yu Xi’s face.

“Pow!” The open palm connected in a sharp slap across Bai Yu Xi’s beautiful face.

The woman didn’t stop here. She was of the unforgiving type and held nothing back as she kicked Bai Yu Xi in the stomach.

“Ah!” Bai Yu Xi cried out in pain as the fabric in her hands fell scattered on the ground and her along with them. She is a fourth-rank martial apprentice but felt powerless to defend herself in front of this woman, one reason being that she had not anticipated the other woman to suddenly attack her, the other one being that the other woman is a lot stronger than her.

“Forgive her, Young Lady Qing. It wasn’t intentional on her part. Let it go and come take a look at these high-quality fabrics I have here instead.” The storekeeper took pity for Bai Yu Xi and spoke out to the woman in a deferential tone.

“Humph! You, slave girl, don’t ever let me see you again. If I do, I’ll beat you down then, too.” That woman cursed, still very much incensed and jealous that Bai Yu Xi was prettier than her.

“Sister Qing, who has upset you?” A magnetic voice greeted from outside the doorway.

Through the door walked a handsome, wealthy-looking young man, no more than twenty-five years old and dressed in a blue cheongsam holding a white fan in hand, looking absolutely distinguished and dignified.

He is Lan Kuang Sheng, the best of the best in the younger generation of the Lan Family, a family second only to the three major families, and had just recently broken through to the xuan warrior rank.

The woman who had used violence against Bai Yu Xi is the Li Family’s Li Qingqing, twenty-two years of age, and possessed the strength of an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner.

Ling Kuang Shen had been madly pursuing Ling Qingqing, a ploy by the Lan Family to bring the two families closer together by marriage alliance in a bid to step into the ranks of the major families someday.

“Oh! It’s this stinking wench. She hit me really hard and hurt me.” Ling Qingqing pointed at Bai Yu Xi who was currently collecting the fabrics that had fallen on the ground.

Lang Kuang Sheng looked over at Bai Yu Xi and his eyes suddenly lit up, taken aback as he let slip, “Beautiful.”

Ling Qingqing didn’t miss the way Lan Kuang Sheng looked at Bai Yu Xi. A sudden burst of anger coursed through her. She immediately took her anger out on Bai Yu Xi, rushing over and kicking her viciously, “Why don’t you hurry up and beat it?”

Bai Yu Xi felt incredibly wronged. She never expected that her excursion to buy some things would end up with her meeting such misfortune. She endured the pain in her stomach and held back her tears as she clutched onto her fabrics and tried to run out from the fabric store.

However, she didn’t get too far before Li Qingqing grabbed her hair from behind.

“Ah! I’ve already apologized. What else do you want from me?” Bai Yu Xi cried out in shock and pain.

“Stinking wench, you dare to talk back to me?! I’ll rip your mouth off!” Li Qingqing pulled Bai Yu Xi’s head back by the hair and repeatedly slapped her face.

“Pa! Pa!” Slapping sounds rang out loud and clear.

Bright red palm marks welted up on Bai Yu Xi’s face, and blood oozed from the corners of her mouth. She cut a truly sorry figure.

At this time, a Ling Family servant who had accompanied Bai Yu Xi to the market came rushing in, pointing at Li Qingqing as she yelled, “Why are you hitting people?!”

This female servant is called Xiao Mei, nineteen years old, and assigned to Ling Xiao’s household by the Ling Family. She had come out together with Bai Yu Xi to do her shopping and didn’t expect to find Bai Yu Xi beaten like this after they separated for just a moment.

She understood Bai Yu Xi’s status in the Ling Xiao’s family and, more importantly, knew how Young Master Ling Xiao dotes on her. She would be surprised if Young Master Ling Xiao doesn’t blame her when he finds out that Bai Yu Xi has been beaten so badly.

“Another worthless girl comes forward.” As soon as Ling Qingqing saw someone daring to stand up to her, she cursed at Xiao Mei. She then turned to Lan Kuang Sheng and said, “Help me teach her a lesson.”

Lan Kuang Sheng nodded. A fierce glow sprang up in his eyes as he waved the white fan at Xiao Mei.


Xiao Mei is only an ordinary person with no training in martial arts. Her whole body was sent flying out the door by Lan Kuang Sheng’s fan as she immediately lost consciousness.

“Xiao Mei!” Bai Yu Xi cried out in alarm. She then glared at Li Qingqing and Lan Kuang Sheng and said, “Are you finished?! We are people of the Ling Family.”

Bai Yu Xi didn’t want to use the Ling Family name since they were only servants after all, but she wasn’t left with a lot of options seeing that they could be killed at any moment. If she doesn’t do something fast, won’t she just be waiting to be humiliated, waiting for her own death?

No. She still needs to return home to see the Young Master. She still needs to go home to make the Young Master’s clothes. She is not resigned to dying a dog’s death at the hands of these people.

“Ling Family?” Li Qingqing was stunned for a moment.

Nearby, Lan Kuang Sheng and the storekeeper’s expressions changed. The Ling Family is the first major family of Falling Stone City and was not a family they could afford to offend.

“Sister Qing, I think it’s best we let this go.” Lan Kuang Sheng’s courage faltered and couldn’t help but persuade Li Qingqing.

Li Qingqing retorted snappily, “So what if they are from the Ling Family? You’re nothing more than lowly servants. Even if I drag the both of you to sell, the Ling Family will not stand up for you. Besides, you think my Li Family will fear the Ling Family?”

Is the Li Family afraid of the Ling Family? Absolutely. As the strongest and most prestigious family in the city with over a thousand years of history, their resources are far deeper and more profound than both the Li and Luo Families, to say nothing of Ling Family’s Elder Taishang, famed for his exceptional fighting prowess. Her Li Family cannot cause offense to the Ling Family for the time being.

However, Li Qingqing is not willing to let this servant girl off, just like that. The more she thought about it, the more unlikely it seemed that the Ling Family will confront the Li Family over some lowly servant girl.

Having reached this point in her train of thought, Ling Qingqing became emboldened and thought of a great way to vent her anger.

She intended to sell this wench who’s prettier than her into prostitution and turn her into a cheap, common whore for everyman’s pleasure.

It’s undeniable that a woman’s jealousy can be incredibly cruel and frightening!

Lan Kuang Sheng couldn’t help but felt pity that he still hasn’t had a chance to enjoy this beautiful servant girl.

Bai Yu Xi was forcefully taken away by Li Qingqing.

One hour later, Xiao Mei slowly came to from her faint.

“Where are you, Yu Xi?” The first thing Xiao Mei did when she woke up was to find Bai Yu Xi.

The kind storekeeper said to Xiao Mei, “She has already been taken away by the Li Family’s Young Lady.”

When she heard this, Xiao Mei’s face instantly turned pale as she sunk into a momentary stupor before immediately rushing back to the Ling Family residence. She must inform the Young Master of this situation.


The House of Intoxicating Fragrance is one of the Li Family’s many properties and a famous brothel in Falling Stone City.

Wealthy merchants, young masters of well-to-do families, as well as mercenaries and adventurers are counted among the patrons who frequent this establishment. All of them are men who are deeply immersed in this type of self-indulgent, pleasure-seeking lifestyle.

Li Qingqing had beaten Bai Yu Xi unconscious and brought her to the House of Intoxicating Fragrance. After handing her over to the madam and leaving clear instructions with the madam, Li Qingqing headed upstairs to watch the show unfold.

Li Qingqing glanced over at Lan Kuang Sheng and said, “Do you hate to part with that stinking whore?”

Lan Kuang Sheng immediately replied, “How could that be? She’s not even a thousandth as pretty, no, ten-thousandths as pretty as Sister Qing.”

“So you’re smart after all.” Li Qingqing crooned, feeling quite happy in her heart.

The House of Intoxicating Fragrance’s main hall bustled with noise and excitement.

A splash of cold water brought Bai Yu Xi fully awake. She raised her head and looked around only to find herself confined in a metal cage surrounded by men of all ages, each and every one eyeing her with lecherous stares.

She didn’t know where she was, but she knew that her situation is far from good. She immediately shouted, “Release me! Release me at once!”

She cried out until her voice grew hoarse, only to have her pleas for help cruelly rebuffed and answered with loud, bawdy laughter.

At this moment, the madam slowly came forward from the back of the crowd.

“Masters and Heroes, what you see before you is the best good our House of Intoxicating Fragrance had recently procured. Whoever offers the highest bid today will have the pleasure of spending tonight with her. This offer will only come once so don’t miss this golden opportunity! The bid starts at fifty gold coins.” The madam was all smiles as she announced to all the male guests upstairs and downstairs.

No sooner has she finished speaking, a wealthy merchant immediately shouted, “I bid fifty gold coins!”

“This girl’s not bad. I bid fifty-five gold coins!” The merchant’s bid had barely gone up when he was already outbid by another.

“I bid sixty!”



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