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Xuan Level Cultivation Guide

  1. Silver Xuan
  2. Gold Xuan
  3. Jade Xuan
  4. Earth Xuan
  5. Sky Xuan
  6. Supreme Divine Xuan

Common Units of Measurements

  1. zhang-approximately 3.3 meters
  2. jin-approximately 0.5 kilograms
  3. tael-approximately 50 grams

Character Description

Jun Mo Xie: Male protagonist. An expert assassin in his past life that went by the name of Jun Xie. In his last mission, he was protecting the Hongjun Tower from being robbed by M State agents when he was killed…and then transmigrated to a mysterious new world where he eventually woke up as Jun Mo Xie, the young master of the Jun Family and renown debauchee of Tianxiang City. By chance, the legacy of the Hongjun Tower was imprinted within his body along with the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune–a legendary skill.

Shameless, unruly, ruthless, vindictive, cunning

Jun Zhan Tian: Grandfather of the protagonist. The current patriarch of the Jun Family and the Grand Duke of Tianxiang Kingdom. He had led countless expeditions in his military career and had earned outstanding meritorious service. Father to two deceased sons and the disabled Jun Wu Yi, all casualties in the service of their kingdom.

Stern, imposing, charismatic, sharp, wise

Jun Wu Yi: Third uncle of the protagonist. The only surviving son of Jun Zhan Tian and crippled during a previous military expedition that had claimed the lives of his two brothers.

Enigmatic, despondent

Tang Yuan: Best friend of the protagonist. Young master and heir apparent to the Tang Family. Comrade in arms causing mischief alongside Jun Mo Xie and second most famous debauchee of Tianxiang City. A fat man, he aspires to become the world’s preeminent fat businessman.

Naive, loyal, harmless

Related Settings

Xuan Xuan Continent: The continent where the Tianxiang Kingdom is located.

Tianxiang Kingdom: Native country of the protagonist. Its capital is Tianxiang City.