This is Moe here.

Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. Pending any unforeseen circumstances, I will be releasing at least three chapters per week. No donations will be accepted at this time.

Email me at novelnamemoe@gmail.com for any comments or inquiries.

17 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for picking this up! My heart broke when gao chao dropped this and all i thought was how this would be dropped for maybe a year. Your the MVP man, the realest one.


  2. I feel like people are avoiding this series even though the author has made a great masterpiece, Transcending The Nine Heavens. This series is also good so is it something that happens later that makes people stop translating it? But thanks for picking this up


      • Not that I know of. It’s not something as personal as that but has to do with relationship between nations mirroring some events that happened in real life.


      • Oooh so we do get to see Moxie fight other countries! So far its been only Clan wars in his kingdom..anyways thank you! I don’t know what it might be but ill wait till translations get that far


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