WCG Chapter 34

Translated by Moe

Chapter 34 You Cannot Defeat Him

Wei Dai Er pouted her lips and then faintly said, “This is a map of a secret realm located in the Desolate Chaparral Mountains, drawn by a platoon leader of the Black Wolf Regiment. They had ventured into an incredibly dangerous place guarded by a powerful spirit beast that had reached at least the third-grade. The entire fifty men platoon was wiped out, leaving the platoon leader the sole survivor after he escaped with the use of his wind attribute. The map he drew ended up falling into my hands.”

Wei Dai Er knew that she wouldn’t be able to fool Ling Xiao, so she decided to tell him the truth. At least for the most part.

“Secret realm?” Ling Xiao was startled by what heard, but then something clicked, and he remember reading on the subject during the countless hours he had spent in the Ling Family’s library perusing information on this world.

A secret realm is the final resting place of a powerhouse who had passed away in meditation. These sites contained all the worldly possessions the martial artist has accumulated in his lifetime, including xuan skills, weapons, medicinal pills, and even their legacy.

The first three items are already sufficient to cause people to go insane, but the last item is something anyone and everyone would yearn for in their dreams.

Having reached this point in his train of thought, Ling Xiao started to feel somewhat excited.

Whether it was xuan skills, weapons, or medicinal pills, Ling Xiao would not object to having “too many.” As for the legacy, he couldn’t care less. In any case, he is a person who had transmigrated and retained all his memories and legacies from his past life. As long as he returns to the level he achieved in his previous life, he will also be a super-expert.

Ling Xiao studied the route depicted on the rag once again, committing to memory roughly where the route goes, and then tossed the rag back to Wei Dai Er and said, “A gentleman doesn’t rob people of things they hold dear, so I’m giving back what’s yours. Hey. Stop looking at me like I’ve murdered your father, I’ve stuck my neck out for you just now. It’s hard to be a good man in today’s world.”

Wei Dai Er grabbed the rag, staring blankly at Ling Xiao. She didn’t dare to believe that this Young Master of the Ling Family had no interest in the map to the secret realm. This is the existence of a secret realm! Even the head of a major family would be tempted. Could it be that he doesn’t know what a secret realm is?

“Elder Sister, don’t stare at me like this. You’re making me feel embarrassed.” said Ling Xiao, a bashful expression appearing on his face.

Wei Dai Er suppressed the urge to vomit and then received the rag in her bosom.

“Well then, it’s time that I return home. I hope that Elder Sister remembers to treat me out the next time we meet.” Ling Xiao waved his hand and led Tiger Six and Tiger Seven down the stairs.

Wei Dai Er found herself staring absentmindedly after Ling Xiao’s retreating figure—confident and at ease—as an inexplicable feeling seem to stir in her heart. Soon after, it appeared she had thought of something; she ran to the window and yelled out to Ling Xiao who had already made it downstairs, “Bastard, give me back my Vermillion Fruit!”

Elder Sister, just think of this as a gift for your Little Brother on our first fateful meeting.” Ling Xiao did not even look back as he waved his hand and laughed.

“Scoundrel!” Wei Dai Er stamped her feet angrily and then jumped down to the ground level and left in another direction.


One hour later, a group of men on horseback, numbering no less than a hundred, showed up in front of the Fragrant Taste Restaurant, each and every one as if a devil or fiend. The townspeople who saw them coming hid in their houses and shops.

A few of the men jumped off their horses and rapidly ran into the utterly demolished restaurant. After a moment, a single man ran out, arriving in front of the majestic first-grade, low-level Fiery Flame Horse to report to the powerfully built man in black armor sitting on top. “Sir, reporting as ordered, Vice…Vice-Commander is dead.”

“What?! Speak clearly!” The man on the horse snapped angrily.

“Vice-Commander is dead.”

“Bastard!” The man on the horse let out a roar and then leaped off of the horse’s back, flying directly up to the second floor of the Fragrant Taste Restaurant.

This man is Qing Lang, the Commander of the Black Wolf Regiment and older brother of Hei Lang. He possesses terrifying strength as a high-rank xuan practitioner and is counted among the top level experts of Falling Stone City. His five hundred men strong mercenary group is the most powerful faction in the city outside of the three major families.

Qing Lang looked at Hei Lang’s corpse, with eyes still open, reflecting so much fear, so much entreaty, and grievance. His knuckles cracked as he steadily tightened his clenched fists, struggling to control his rising anger as he bellowed, “Wei Dai Er, you whore, I must completely destroy your Cold Snake Corps!”


Deep within an underground chamber located in the Ling Family Inner Court, the Second and Fifth Elder were in the middle of a secret meeting.

“Elder Brother, don’t tell me things will just end like this?” The Fifth Elder said, sitting back in his chair as he looked gloomily at the Second Elder.

“Then what do you propose we do?” Second Elder drank a mouthful of tea and calmly replied.

“If it were up to me, I’d kill that cursed brat and be done with it.” The Fifth Elder replied as a vicious light flashed across his eyes.

“Humph! You don’t think I would have thought of that? With the Tiger Guard protecting him and that old fart by his side, how will they allow an accident to befall him? If we’re caught overreaching ourselves, all our efforts up till now will be for naught.” The Second Elder retorted rather impolitely. He paused for a moment before continuing, “We must endure a while longer. Wait until the Major Families Competition. At that time, I’ll take back what’s rightfully mine!”

The Fifth Elder glanced over at the Second Elder before he let out a long sigh and sat there silently.

Truth be told, he also understands where his brother is coming from, but he didn’t want to see that cursed brat live any longer than absolutely necessary. He couldn’t shake the feeling that this boy will grow up to become their worst nightmare. If the child is not eliminated as soon as possible, he will not be able to live his days in peace.

“Very well, you don’t need to concern yourself with this matter any longer. Put more pressure on the old man to concoct the medicine without delay. We only have one year’s time. Do your utmost to meet any demands he may have.” The Second Elder instructed.

“Yes, Elder Brother.”


After obtaining the second-grade, intermediate-level Vermillion Fruit from Wei Dai Er, Ling Xiao was in a good mood as he made his way home.

Along the way, he sighed with delight. This Vermillion Fruit is truly incredible!

Ling Xiao had long memorized the contents of the [Spirit Grass Record] by heart. He immediately recognized the Vermillion Fruit for what it was. This Vermillion Fruit can increase a fire attribute martial artist’s xuan strength and purify their fire attribute. It is also a common ingredient used in pill concoction. If the spirit fruit is put up for sale, it can easily fetch several thousand gold coins and was worth only slightly less than a second-grade, intermediate-level weapon.

The Vermillion Fruit may not have much use for Ling Xiao now, but there’s no harm in having more spirit fruits on hand. If it doesn’t work out, he could always sell it for a small fortune and consider it to be his fee for being exploited by Wei Dai Er.

When he returned home, Ling Xiao stored the Vermillion Fruit together with the rest of the loot he pilfered from Elder Taishang and then set about practicing cultivation.

After today’s battle, the xuan strength he had accumulated over the past few days began to change. He sensed he was ready to break through at any moment.

The higher the cultivation realm, the greater the strength is required to break through ranks and therefore the longer it takes to make each breakthrough. Although Ling Xiao is a genius, breaking through the low-rank xuan practitioner rank would not be as simple as breaking through the martial apprentice ranks.

Ling Xiao sat down cross-legged in meditation and started to rotate the Three Parts Return Vital Energy’s first stage, “Vitality Formation.”

Three Parts Return Vital Energy is divided into three stages and nine strata—three strata per stage—with the first stage being “Vitality Formation,” the second stage being “Crystallization,” and the third stage being “Void.”

The three strata of “Vitality Formation” are Receiving Energy, Widening Veins, and Broadening Acupuncture Points.

Ling Xiao is currently utilizing Cloud Parting Force, Wind God Skill, and Sky Frost Energy as a foundation and then transforming the three different internal exercises into Three Parts Return Vital Energy. He repeats this process over and over again to increase his xuan strength and thereby cultivates the first stratum, Receiving Energy.

Ling Xiao had initially opened his primary meridians and became a xuan practitioner after condensing his xuan strength. Cultivating Receiving Energy will be even more beneficial for him to accumulate xuan strength and facilitate his breakthrough.

As the three internal exercises worked conjointly to guide the xuan strength in Ling Xiao’s body, impossible colors flickered across his face from time to time, appearing incredibly strange.

After two hours of meditation, a faint white mist could be seen rising off of Ling Xiao’s entire person, indicating that his xuan strength had reached a critical juncture.

There’s no better time than the present to break through!

Ling Xiao’s cultivation base circulated with increased speed, causing his xuan strength to surge up violently like waves upon waves as they pounded against the bottleneck.


Under the repeated battering of all the xuan strength in his body, he finally broke through the bottleneck. Xuan strength filled his entire body, nourishing his limbs, bones and internal organs.

Ling Xiao’s whole body felt relaxed and fresh, as a wave of renewed strength coursed through his body, causing his aura to surge with scintillating brightness.

“It’s taken far too long to break through to intermediate-rank xuan practitioner.” Ling Xiao gave a rueful grin and said discontentedly, wiping the sweat from his face.

If other people were to hear him now, perhaps they would spit on him until he drowned in it. Damn it! If this kind of breakthrough speed is still considered slow, then everyone else might as well retire from the jianghu and go home.

The general martial artist requires at least one year, possibly two, to break through from low-rank xuan to intermediate-rank xuan practitioner, and this talent is already considered quite good. Those less talented can take as much as three to five years to break through, and those without talent might not break through their entire life.

Three Parts Return Vital Energy is inherently a set of very domineering internal skill cultivation method. When you throw in his astonishing latent talent and the great efforts with which he practiced cultivation, it’s only natural that his cultivation speed is several ten-folds faster than the ordinary person. Such speed can only be compared to those inhuman existences.

Anyone else in his shoes would be walking on sunshine, but this guy is still not satisfied. It’d be more surprising if it didn’t arouse the ire of the people.

The night passed uneventfully, and when the eastern sky became tipped with the first gray streaks of dawn, Ling Zhan ran to the courtyard howling with laughter.

“Brother Zhan, don’t laugh so loud. You’ll wake up Xiao’er.” Meng Xi Yun said as she looked at her husband’s happy face.

“Dad, Mom, what’s the occasion? Eh? Dad, you’ve become a xuan practitioner!” Ling Xiao walked out from his room and asked, but then realized why his father is over the moon.

“Yes, son, you father has become a xuan practitioner again. Haha!” Ling Zhan said, howling with laughter like a kid in a candy shop.

“Congratulations Father. It looks like we’ll be having a feast tonight.” Ling Xiao said, happy for Ling Zhan.

“Right, I’ll drink my fill with your grandfather tonight. But right now, you and I will exchange a few moves.” With a shout, Ling Zhan stepped forward and launched a punch at Ling Xiao.

“Don’t blame me for embarrassing you when you lose.” Ling Xiao reacted extremely quickly. He did not wait for Ling Zhan’s attack to arrive and instead retreated preemptively.

“We have the same rank. You may have broken through a month before me, but your father may not necessarily lose to you!” Ling Zhan said with his fighting spirit burning brightly. He had cultivated to the peak of xuan warrior rank once before, and he still retains his combat experience and xuan skills, so the possibility of losing to his son never even crossed his mind.

“Very well, come at me then. Mom will be my witness.” Ling Xiao smiled as if victory is within his grasp. Even if he’s only a low-rank xuan practitioner, he’s confident that he would prevail over Ling Zhan right now, not to mention that he’s already become an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner.

“You dare to look down on your old man?! Watch this!” Ling Zhan bounded over and threw out another punch, this time faster and stronger than the last.

Ling Xiao would obviously give face to his father and didn’t directly put him down; rather, he suppressed his strength before clashing head on with his old man.

Punches and kicks were exchanged, the sound of which echoed out in every direction.

Off to the side, an overwhelming feeling of gratitude welled up inside Meng Xi Yun as she watched on. Her family is no longer disabled.

The two of them fought hand-to-hand for the space of an hour.

Ling Zhan stopped his punch and said in a very dissatisfied tone, “You’re pretty good, boy. I cannot beat you.”

“Heh heh. You’re not bad yourself, Father. I also cannot beat you.” Ling Xiao didn’t want to beat his old man and went easy on him during the fight.

“Good. Let’s stop here and call it a day. You just wait a few days. I’ll definitely get the better of you then.” Ling Zhan said rather confidently.

“You cannot defeat him.” A hoarse voice called out from nearby.


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