WCG Chapter 41

Translated by Moe

Chapter 41 Receive My Attack, And I Will Spare Your Life

The one to speak was “Lone Wolf,” Murong Gu, who had been restraining himself for quite a while. He had been played by Solitary Eagle during the bidding process and was just about to unleash his pent up frustration on the beauty he purchased when someone had come out and spoiled his happy occasion.

He initially believed that Li Family’s men would be able to dispose of this miscreant, which was why he had been disinclined to get involved. But Li Family’s men had proved to be less than useless, each one killed in succession in their own territory. When he saw that the girl about to be taken from him, he wasn’t willing to hold back any longer, especially since Ling Xiao had used up the majority of his xuan strength.

Moreover, Murong Gu had made a shrewd calculation. If he can establish a favorable relationship with the Li Family, then his future in Falling Stone City would be secured. Of course, he wouldn’t be averse to joining the Li Family as a Consecrated Honor Guard. This would obviously be many times better than his current situation as a free adventurer. He has already grown weary of living the hard life, always having to watch his back lest a dagger be placed between his shoulder blades. Otherwise, he would have taken up on Qing Lang’s offer to be a Captain in the Black Wolf Regiment.

Li Qingqing became delighted when she saw Murong Gu speak out, and immediately said to Murong Gu, “Lone Wolf, kill him, and I’ll have my family reward you with a generous compensation, and this woman will be yours, free of charge.”

Murong Gu wrinkled his brows. He really didn’t appreciate this woman’s commanding tone.

Ling Xiao didn’t know what kind of person his opponent is, but he’s certain to be quite skilled since he dared to speak out. There is a look of interest mixed with curiosity in his eyes as he said to Murong Gu, “Is it worth risking your life for a trifling Li Family?”

“Trifling Li Family?” Everyone who heard these words didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. No one said a word, but the same thought was in everyone’s head: “Could this boy be an outsider? How could he not even know Falling Stone City’s Li Family? It’s no wonder that he had so casually disregarded the Li Family.”

“Humph! Don’t let killing a few people go to your head. Let me show you just who it is who will lose his life.” Murong Gu’s eyes flashed with a savage gleam as he leaped from the second floor and launched a series of kicks at Ling Xiao’s face.

Even though Murong Gu has confidence in himself, he didn’t dare to treat Ling Xiao lightly. He had poured one hundred percent of his xuan strength into this attack.

Sensing the powerful aura surging directly at him, Ling Xiao exclaimed inwardly, “An expert!” He knew he cannot meet the attack head on, so he chose to dodge, flashing past Murong Gu’s attack.

Murong Gu landed on the ground. His eyes flashed with a faint sly expression as he speculated to himself, “He has used up his xuan strength!” He could tell at a glance that Ling Xiao’s speed had dropped considerably. He became even more confident that he will slay this person.

Ling Xiao understood better than anyone how dire his situation was; his xuan strength is largely spent and he had no Moisture Returning Pill or Energy Gathering Pill on his person. It would be difficult to protect himself, to say nothing of looking after Bai Yu Xi.

At this moment, his only thought is to make a safe escape. As long as he could survive this ordeal, it would not be too late to exact his revenge someday in the future.

As the adage says, “for a gentleman seeking revenge, ten years is not too late.”

Ling Xiao may seem impulsive sometimes, but he isn’t a brainless idiot.

Having formulated a plan, he brandished the Blue Crystal Sword in his hand without hesitation.

“Scar Leaving Sword!”

No sooner had the sword beams appeared than Murong Gu immediately adopted a defensive posture. He had been ever vigilant, afraid that Ling Xiao final act of desperation will make him suffer a loss.

To the surprise of all, Ling Xiao’s attack had only been a feint. He seized the opportunity to arrive in front of Bai Yu Xi and pulled her hand as he calmly called out, “Run quickly!”

Bai Yu Xi hadn’t even reacted when Ling Xiao pulled her toward the open door.

“Long Wolf, don’t let him escape!” When Li Qingqing saw that Ling Xiao wanted to run away, a sense of urgency tore through her as she called out to Murong Gu.

“How dare you toy with me!! DIE!” Humiliated, Murong Gu flew into a rage, charging Ling Xiao as a long spear shot out from behind him. He grabbed the spear with both hands and swung down with all his strength, unleashing a gold colored ball of light crashing toward Ling Xiao and Bai Yu Xi.

“Damn it!” Ling Xiao felt a sense of danger and let out a curse, immediately putting himself in front of Bai Yu Xi and flexed his back in preparation for the incoming attack.


Ling Xiao and Bai Yu Xi were instantly sent flying by the explosion.

In this exact moment, Tiger Six and Tiger Seven’s search finally led them here, and they couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, “Young Master!”

Both men scrambled to make their way over only to see Ling Xiao shielding Bai Yu Xi; the clothes on his back was torn to shreds, exposing ugly wide gashes, some deep enough to expose the bone.

“You dare to injure our family’s Young Master!! DIE!” Tiger Six bellowed as he immediately brought his long sword up to attack Murong Gu.

If anything were to happen to Ling Xiao, the consequences would be severe for Tiger Seven and him.

“Young Master, are you okay?” Tiger Seven helped Ling Xiao up and immediately took out two Moisture Returning Pills and placed it in Ling Xiao’s mouth.

Bai Yu Xi was unharmed due to Ling Xiao’s selfless action. Her heart melted in her chest when she saw Ling Xiao threw himself over her to protect her. She is destined to be the woman who loved Ling Xiao the most in this lifetime. She loved him with an unconditional kind of love, one where she would willingly share him with other women.

Ling Xiao swallowed the Moisture Returning Pills with difficulty. Instantly, he felt his body became charged with renewed and revitalized energy as the Three Parts Return Vital Energy and Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art begin to circulate simultaneously in a scramble to assimilate the pill’s medicinal strength.

The medicinal strength very quickly disseminated to every part of his body. Most importantly, it stanched the bleeding from the wounds on Ling Xiao’s back.

“Hand over two more Moisture Returning Pills and Energy Gathering Pills.” Ling Xiao sat up with difficulty and then said to Tiger Seven in a weak, feeble voice.

Tiger Seven took out four more medicinal pills without hesitation and handed it over to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao took all the pills at once and then formed a series of hand seals as he sat in meditation with his eyes closed.

Tiger Six is ranked in the first ten experts of Ling Family’s twenty-four member Tiger Guards. Like Murong Gu, he’s an intermediate-rank xuan warrior, but he had advanced earlier than Murong Gu and his foundation was more secure and stable. Murong Gu can’t hope to win in a situation where firepower is the deciding factor.

Murong Gu’s mind was reeling; he couldn’t understand why this young pauper would have such powerful guards, guards who are usually reserved for prodigies of the three major families.

He was now extremely regretful, secretly cursing at his bad luck for getting himself in such a mess for a woman. He really kicked a metal plate this time around. He is not a match for the guard before him, and can only reluctantly resist. He racked his brain, trying to think of a way to make an escape possible.

Upstairs, Li Qingqing and Solitary Eagle watched on in stunned silence. They also want to know exactly who this youth is. Could he truly be a young master from outside the city?

The intensity of the battle between Tiger Six and Murong Gu was such that more than half of the House of Intoxicating Fragrance was destroyed. Many of the guests and courtesans escaped en masse. The less fortunate ones were directly killed by the incidental release of xuan strength from the clash between the two men.

Li Qingqing didn’t have the courage to stay any longer. She didn’t know when the youth will wake up. It would be disastrous for her at that time when he comes looking for trouble.

Unfortunately, she is doomed to pay for her actions today.

“Don’t let that woman escape.” Ling Xiao calmly ordered Tiger Seven, having kept half his attention focused on Li Qingqing the entire time.

Tiger Seven said nothing and carried out his order. Li Qingqing didn’t stand a chance and was swiftly knocked unconscious without a fight.

Ling Xiao focused his mind inward once more. With the Moisture Returning Pills treating his injuries and the Energy Gathering Pills restoring his xuan strength, his body was completely saturated with medicinal strength. Three Parts Return Vital Energy and Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art acted like children fighting over food, greedily absorbing and transforming the medicinal strength into xuan strength. The xuan strength eventually accumulated in Ling Xiao’s dantian region, replenishing and even expanding his dantian.

“Your excellency, who are you? I think there must be a misunderstanding.” Murong Gu entreated, having been forced by Tiger Six into such dire straits that he had absolutely no chance of escaping.

“Who I am is not important. I advise you to surrender and wait to be dealt with by my Young Master so you may yet still live. Otherwise, only death awaits you.” Tiger Six said coldly as he attacked with increasing vigor.

Murong Gu didn’t dare to surrender. He had seen the ruthlessness with which this youth kill people; surrender would only lead to certain death. He might as well try and fight.

“I’ll risk everything on this attack!” Murong Gu threw caution to the wind and coalesced all of his xuan strength on the tip of his spear as he brought the spear whistling down from overhead at Tiger Six. The aura exuded by this attack was several times stronger than Ling Xiao’s “Cold Stunning Glance.”

Tiger Six’s expression became dignified for the first time. He didn’t dare to take this attack lightly. He responded in kind, gathering all of his xuan strength upon his longsword and brought it up to meet the incoming spear.


Sword and spear rang together in a loud and devastating explosion that left a gaping two-meter wide crater on the ground beneath the two men, displaying the terrifying might of intermediate-rank xuan warriors.

Tiger Six and Murong Gu were both thrown back by the explosive collision. The former retreated seven, eight steps and remained standing on his feet, if just barely. The blood oozing from the corner of his mouth revealed the extent of the injuries he received. The latter was in a far worse condition. He was sent flying backward and only came to a stop after he smashed into the wall, blood spraying from his mouth.

Both men hurriedly consumed medicinal pills to treat their injuries.

While Tiger Six was still recovering, Murong Gu turned around without hesitation as he made his last frantic bid to run away.

Unfortunately, he had overlooked Tiger Seven. He didn’t get far before Tiger Seven calmly intercepted him and blocked his escape route.

Murong Gu fell into despair.

At that moment, Ling Xiao finished his meditation. Aside from his slightly pale complexion, his body has already recovered nearly seventy percent. The majority of the wounds on his back already started to form clots.

“Young Master, are you okay?” Bai Yu Xi asked, the expression on her face one of concern.

Ling Xiao smiled reassuringly and said, “Young Master’s hold on life is tenacious. Don’t worry. I’m all right.” After that, he swept his gaze at the unconscious Li Qingqing before finally setting his sights on Murong Gu.

“Receive my attack, and I’ll spare your life.” Ling Xiao said coolly to Murong Gu.

“Really?!” Murong Gu said as he raised his head, a glimmer of hope in his eyes. Despite having depleted a majority of his xuan strength, he had faith that he could withstand one of Ling Xiao’s attack. His confidence stems from his belief that Ling Xiao was also as seriously injured as he was and the fact that he’s still many times more powerful than Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao nodded in confirmation and answered, “I always keep my word.”

“Good. I will hold you to your promise.” Murong hurriedly agreed, a note of exultation in his voice.

Ling Xiao then signaled with his eyes to Tiger Seven. Tiger Seven silently withdrew to one side.

“Watch carefully.” Ling Xiao gave out a warning and then unleashed the Scar Leaving Sword once more.

The sword beams were still dazzling, but there was a marked difference in power compared to before he sustained his injuries.

Murong Gu was ecstatic and felt victory was within his grasp. Moving into a defensive stance, he spun his spear into a blinding blur of polished metal, blocking every strike of Ling Xiao’s sword beams.

The sword beams scattered. The long spear halted!

“It’s my win!” Murong Gu exclaimed with a beaming smile.

“Is that right?” Ling Xiao had arrived a meter in front of Murong Gu at some point in time. He snapped his tattered cloak in a large sweeping motion, causing the corner of his cloak to move with such speed that it transformed into a sharp blade as it slit Murong Gu’s throat.


“You…” Murong Gu only felt a cold sensation spread over his neck, his mind completely blank and his spear dropped to the ground as both of his hands instinctively reached for his own neck. Unfortunately, this action proved futile as blood flowed out between his fingers.


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