Chapter 1 Summoned? Am I Being Summoned?

Translated by Moe

TL Note: Surprise! This is the only chapter that I plan on translating for The Last Apostle (最后一个使徒), a teaser for one of the most popular ongoing novels on Qidian at the moment. The story follows Du Yuqi in his journey to save both Earth and the new world he has been summoned to. I hope to generate some interest in this story and get this series picked up by another translator. Please check it out.

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Release Schedule

I’m sorry to say but there will be no release today. I’ve finalized my release schedule for World Controlling God. There will be five chapters released per week, one chapter every weekday at 1600 hour UTC. The next chapter will be released on Monday the 21st. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

World Controlling God

I’m certain most of you are aware by now, but I’m no longer translating Otherworldly Evil Monarch. The series has been picked up by NovelSaga starting from where I’ve left off. I apologize for not making a public statement earlier. That being said, I’m announcing the start of a new series by the name of World Controlling God. It’s another story about a man who have been transmigrated to a new world who utilizes his knowledge from his previous life to rise up and enter the world stage. Check it out if you’re interested.

Volume 2 Chapter 14 Crazy Decision

Translated by Moe

TL Note: I’m back for good. Thanks for all the well-wishes. I came back late last night after a long layover/delay in Seattle so I just went straight to sleep when I got home. I wasn’t any where close to the fire; the shelter I volunteered at was in Edmonton. I hammered this chapter out real quick so there might be more mistakes than normal.

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Hiatus until the 21st

I apologize for the late notice but I’ve been deployed to Alberta as part of Red Cross disaster relief efforts and will not be able to translate this novel until I get back home on the 21st. For those of you who have contacted me regarding Editor/Proofreading opportunities, I’ll reach out to you when I return home.