WCG Chapter 31

Translated by Moe

Chapter 31 Wei Dai Er

He saw a woman, wearing a set of purple guard armor, with an alluring figure that exudes feminine sensuality, looking over at his direction with a beaming smile.

A single thought crossed Ling Xiao’s mind: extraordinarily beautiful woman!

This woman, no more than twenty-five years old, had a classic oval face with sensual, rosy lips and wavy gold hair that fell to her waist. The slim waistline between her ample bosom and shapely hips lends flexibility to her graceful contours. She was reclined on a couch, one leg bent at the knee and resting on the other, exposing the white, smooth skin of her long gorgeous legs.

This kind of woman will have all men drooling at first sight and lose their sense of reason, overwhelmed by the desire to push her down on a bed.

However, thinking is thinking; few men dare to act on this impulse.

And for good reason. She is better known by her eerie nickname, “Fairy Serpent.” Any man who had wanted to have their way with her had been sent to meet their Maker.

Wei Dai Er is the Vice-Commander of Falling Stone City’s second largest mercenary group, “Cold Snake Corps.” She has the strength of a low-rank xuan warrior and could be considered among the elite experts in the city. Besides the major families, almost nobody is willing to provoke her.

Without any guidance or formal training, Wei Dai Er reached the low-rank xuan warrior rank by twenty-five years of age. This innate talent can absolutely be considered among the best of the best in any of the major families.

The manager clearly recognizes Wei Dai Er, responding with a smile and nodded, “As you wish, Miss Dai Er.”

“Heh heh. It must be my lucky day to be treated to dinner by such a beautiful older sister. It would be impolite of me to refuse the offer.” Ling Xiao came back to his senses, brushing away his bangs and putting on what he believed to be his most handsome appearance as he cupped his hands in greeting toward Wei Dai Er. He was feeling quite pleased with himself, thinking in his heart, “It seems that even a knockout beauty like her can’t resist my charms. My future is looking bright!”

Wei Dai Er revealed a bewitching smile and said, “I have long been familiar with the fame of Ling Family’s young master, but this is the first time we’ve met in person. Might I be lucky enough to share a few cups of wine with Young Master Ling?”

Ling Xiao stood up, a paragon of gentlemanly conduct, and said, “I could never turn down an invitation from such a beautiful woman as yourself.”

Just as Ling Xiao was about to go over, Tiger Six and Tiger Seven walked in front of Ling Xiao and blocked his way. “Young Master, please reconsider!”

Ling Xiao patted the shoulders of Tiger Six and Tiger Seven and smiled, “Rest assured, Elder Sister will not bully a good little brother like me.”

Wei Dai Er was elated from hearing Ling Xiao calling her Elder Sister left and right, and couldn’t help smiling as she interjected, “I wouldn’t dare to let Ling Family’s Young Master act as my younger brother. I don’t deserve such good fortune.”

Ling Xiao slipped through between Tiger Six and Tiger Seven and arrived across the table from Wei Dai Er. “Why don’t you dare? I’m a few years younger than Elder Sister, so it’s only natural that I’m your little brother. Could it be that Elder Sister doesn’t like Ling Xiao?”

“How could that be? Elder Sister had always wanted a younger brother like you.” Wei Dai Er’s stunning eyes looked directly at Ling Xiao’s face, showing no indication of turning away, merely a faint, captivating blush appeared on her delicate face.

“This being the case, you can call me Little Brother from now on, and I’ll call you Elder Sister. I hope Elder Sister can help me if I get bullied in the future.” Ling Xiao said lightheartedly. He had always had a soft spot for the opposite sex. In front of this stunningly beautiful woman, he could not avoid giving in to his wanton ways.

“That is natural. But…what if Elder Sister is the one being bullied?” Wei Dai Er said, putting her index finger on her lips.

Ling Xiao shot a lecherous glance at Wei Dai Er before patting his chest with heroic bravado and said, “Anyone who dares to bully Elder Sister is an enemy of mine. I’ll make sure he regrets being born in this world!”

“Heh heh. Little Brother is the best.” Wei Dai Er covered her mouth and giggled. The surrounding men could not help but stare at her trembling chest. Sitting across from her, Ling Xiao was in an even more testing position as he swallowed his saliva.

At this moment, the attendant had already arrived with Ling Xiao’s snake soup, wolf meat, and quality wine.

Ling Xiao directed the attendant to split half the food and bring it to Tiger Six and Tiger Seven so that they could sit down and have a meal at the same time.

Tiger Six and Tiger Seven were firmly set against eating together with Ling Xiao from the onset. Ling Xiao had to resort to using a commanding tone to force them to sit down and eat.

“Those Big Brothers are too much.” Ling Xiao shook his head at Wei Dai Er and grumbled before throwing back a cup of wine.

Although Tiger Six and Tiger Seven are bodyguards of the Ling Family, Ling Xiao never treated them as his inferior. Even if he didn’t consider them to be his sworn brothers or anything of the sort, he didn’t think it was unreasonable to sit down together and enjoy a hearty meal and drink.

Just this point, Wei Dai Er couldn’t help seeing Ling Xiao in a new light. “This genius of the Ling Family doesn’t have an arrogant air about him! But…” she murmured inwardly.

Thinking up to this point, a boorish roar could be heard coming from downstairs, “Wei Dai Er! Get down here right now, you stinking whore, or else I’ll screw you to death in the middle of the street!”

This roar quickly reverberated throughout the Fragrant Taste Restaurant.

Wei Dai Er’s enchanting face instantly turned deep red, but she was still able to keep down her anger. She turned to Ling Xiao and said in a coy and irritated tone, “Little Brother, someone is insulting Elder Sister in the street. What do you think I should do?”

People who aren’t familiar with Wei Dai Er might have mistaken her for a weak woman who isn’t even strong enough to truss up a chicken; her pitiful appearance pulled at people’s heartstrings.

At this moment, Ling Xiao finally realized why Wei Dai Er had invited him for a meal. It seems that she had an ulterior motive all along!

However, Ling Xiao didn’t seem to mind being taken advantage of. The way he sees it, only someone as handsome as himself is qualified to protect such a beautiful damsel and capture her heart in the process.

Ling Xiao let out a chuckle but didn’t answer Wei Dai Er’s question; rather, he yelled in a loud and clear voice, “A savage from God knows where dare to say such vulgar things about my older sister? Come up if you have the guts. This young master will rip your balls off and feed it to the beasts.”

Not a moment later, the sounds of heavy footsteps echoed from the stairway before five figures emerged one after the other.

All five men had an untamed, savage air about them; their rugged, muscular frame emanating an intense aura of slaughter, and the fierce-looking scars covering their arms evoked fear and trepidation in the heart of those who saw them.

The leader of the group was a man of tall stature and powerful built. A fearsome wolf head was carved into the crown of his bald head, exposing dark, vicious-looking fangs, and giving him an overall frightening appearance. He is Hei Lang, the Vice-Commander of Falling Stone City’s number one mercenary group, “Azure Wolf Regiment.”

Hei Lang, thirty-three years old, is equal to Wei Dai Er in strength as a low-rank xuan warrior, but he has stepped into the xuan warrior rank many years ago and regularly hunted spirit beasts in the Desolate Chaparral Mountains. His cultivation base had long reached the peak of low-rank xuan warrior; if it were not for his low comprehension, perhaps he’d already become an intermediate-rank xuan warrior.

The one who was yelling downstairs earlier was Hei Lang.

Hei Lang gave Ling Xiao a once-over and could tell that Ling Xiao merely has a cultivation base of a low-rank xuan practitioner. He turned toward Wei Dai Er, then coldly said, “Wei Dai Er, hand over the goods if you have any sense. Otherwise, I won’t just screw you to death; I’ll erase your Cold Snake Corps from Falling Stone City.

“You sure got a big mouth. If Qing Lang was here, that threat might give me pause, but you still don’t have that ability.” Wei Dai Er looked at Hei Lang squarely in the face, a strong killing intent flashed across her beautiful eyes.

“Humph! You’ll find out right now whether I have the ability.” Hei Lang let out a cold snort, taking out the wolf fang stick from behind his back that bristled with sharp steel spikes and emanated a murderous aura.

“Hey. Who are you, you disgusting uncle? Did you not hear what I said? You had the gall to bully Elder Sister. Do you have some kind of death wish?” Ling Xiao said lazily as he tore a piece of wolf meat and threw it in his mouth.

A slight frown appeared on Hei Lang’s forehead as he glared at Ling Xiao. A moment later, he broke out in a hearty laughter, “Haha! I have wondered what kind of man would capture the Fairy Serpent’s heart. It turns out you had taken a fancy to a weak dandy like him. A paltry xuan practitioner dares to be so insolent in front of me. You want to see if I won’t crush you with my fingers?”

As soon as these words come out, Tiger Six and Tiger Seven stood up ready to fight. However, they saw Ling Xiao subtlety signaled for them to stop, so they had no choice but to stand down.

Hei Lang concentrated all his attention on Wei Dai Er and took no notice of Ling Xiao’s subtle movements.

Of course, Wei Dai Er knew that Ling Xiao’s strength is lacking, but what she depended on was Ling Xiao’s identity and the strength the two bodyguards behind him.

“Little Brother, you see, this man is so annoying, really makes Elder Sister not feel like drinking with you anymore.” Wei Dai Er pouted her lips and said coquettishly, looking as if she had suffered a great wrong.

Ling Xiao let out a soft laugh before standing up and shaking his cloak out. An intimidating gleam flashed across his eyes as he glared at Hei Lang, pulling out a light blue longsword from his back and pointing it at Hei Lang, sword energy swirling, giving off an aura very much like that of a man against the world.

“Get the hell out of here right now or else each of you will leave behind a hand.” Ling Xiao solemnly said.

When Hei Lang heard these words, he broke out in uncontrolled laughter, “Haha! That is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard. Do you know who I am? I’m Hei Lang, Vice-Commander of the Azure Wolf Regiment. Does that name ring a bell? If you don’t get your ass out of here, I’ll immediately take your life.”

Wei Dai Er didn’t have much hope for Ling Xiao, but she wasn’t worried. Those two bodyguards will make their move sooner or later. When that moment comes, it wouldn’t be hard for her to make her getaway.

“You can definitely try to kill me.” Ling Xiao sneered. This is a Godsend opportunity for him to impress a pretty girl, and he was not about to let it slip away. His opponent may have the strength of a xuan warrior, but it’s not entirely impossible that he could put up a fight. Moreover, anyone aspiring to stand at the pinnacle of the martial world has to have the confidence to forge ahead fearlessly. Only those who endeavor to overcome every obstacle in their path can achieve fame and glory.

Ling Xiao excels at practicing cultivation and has outstanding comprehension ability, but he knew that this would not be enough. Fighting is, after all, the best way to quickly raise one’s strength. This is also the major reason why he had become a super-expert at such a young age in his previous life.

Now that he can get all the practice he needs on these five thugs and, in doing so, capture a beautiful maiden’s affection, isn’t this like killing two birds with one stone?

The one who was most depressed was the manager of Fragrant Taste Restaurant. He cursed inwardly at this Young Master of the Ling Family for getting into fights every time he came. He has to be some sort of plague! If he comes back a few more times, perhaps his Fragrant Taste Restaurant will be wiped out from Falling Stone City.

“Since you’re looking to die, I’ll help you along. Tang Mu, get rid of this kid.” Hei Lang said impatiently to the man next to him.

“Yes, Vice-Commander.” A bear of a man answered the call and stepped forward from Hei Lang’s side. This was none other than Tang Mu, one of the two intermediate-rank xuan practitioners in the group.

“Come. I’ll make you understand that the consequence of offending this Young Master is death!” Ling Xiao made a disdainful beckoning gesture at Hei Lang and his men.

Wei Dai Er was surprised to see Ling Xiao raring to go up and fight, and his two guards showed no intention of stopping him. She couldn’t help feeling a bit anxious as she exclaimed, “Little Brother, you’re not his match. It would be better for Elder Sister to go with them instead.”

Wei Dai Er had spoken these words with the intention of forcing Ling Xiao’s bodyguards to take action.

“Elder Sister, there’s no need to worry. This nobody won’t even put a scratch on me. Just sit back and watch Little Brother kill them all.” Ling Xiao said, casting a confident smile at Wei Dai Er.

“Go to hell, little brat!” With a loud roar, Tang Mu took advantage of Ling Xiao’s momentary distraction and went in for the kill, slashing down with the heavy saber in hand.


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