WCG Chapter 32

Translated by Moe

Chapter 32 Ling Xiao Flaunts His Power

Tang Mu’s heavy saber came quickly, coming down on Ling Xiao’s head in the blink of an eye.

Off to the side, Wei Dai Er couldn’t help blurt out, “Be careful!” Her hand was already placed upon the thin sword at her waist, prepared to take action if need be. Although she is exploiting Ling Xiao, she never intended for him to get hurt because of her. If that were to happen, the Ling Family would certainly eradicate her Cold Snake Corps.

“Humph! You dare launch a sneak attack at me? Do you have a death wish!?” Even though Ling Xiao was turned towards Wei Dai Er, he had never let his guard down. He puts on an act of arrogance and overconfidence, but not once did he look down on his enemies.

Just as the heavy saber was falling, Ling Xiao waved his light blue longsword, meaning to block the incoming heavy saber.


Saber and sword collide, producing the ringing sound of metal on metal.

“Damn scrap iron.” Ling Xiao looked at Tang Mu holding what remained of his heavy saber and let out a cold laugh, obviously quite pleased with himself. Without missing a beat, he followed up by launching a kick.

Tang Mu was still in a daze, staring down at his broken first-grade, high-level heavy saber when Ling Xiao’s kick landed squarely between his legs.

“AH!” Tang Mu screamed as he dropped his saber to the ground, clutching on to his family jewels and jumping up and down in agony.

“Go to hell!” Ling Xiao’s eyes shone with a vicious light as he swung the light blue longsword in hand, and in a moment Tang Mu’s head rolled on the floor spluttering blood all over the place.

Tang Mu had only exchanged one move with Ling Xiao before he was cut down by the latter’s sword.

Everyone was stunned!

Wei Dai Er never imagined that this Ling Family Young Master, still wet behind the ears, would be so ruthless, so decisive in taking a man’s life. She couldn’t help feeling a chill run down her back.

After a momentary flash of surprise, Hei Lang’s cold and detached gaze swept across Tang Mu’s corpse before he turned to Ling Xiao and coolly said, “For you to kill Tang Mu, that the sword in your hand must be a second-grade weapon. Since you’ll be dead soon, your sword will belong to me!”

Soldiers of fortune like them live their days in bloodshed and have long grown accustomed to the sight of death, not to mention the passing of someone like Tang Mu meant nothing to Hei Lang. Instead, greed consumed him as he stared fixedly at the sword in Ling Xiao’s hand.

Ling Xiao flicked the light blue longsword and then thoughtfully said to Hei Lang, “You want this sword? I’m afraid you won’t live long enough to use it.” The sword in Ling Xiao’s hand is known as the “Blue Crystal Sword,” a second-grade, intermediate-level sword, and pilfered from Elder Taishang’s collection.

“Tang Shui, what are you waiting for!? Go avenge your younger brother!” As a xuan warrior, Hei Lang naturally won’t take action so easily. For that reason, he immediately ordered one of his men who bear some semblance to Tang Mu.

Tang Shui is the older brother of Tang Mu, possesses superior strength as a high-rank xuan practitioner, and wields twin hook swords.

“You killed my brother. Prepare to die!” Tang Shui roared, wasting no time as he slashed a series of half-moon sword beams with his two hook swords and sending sharp, frigid aura slicing toward Ling Xiao.

The aura surrounding this attack was more than twice as powerful as Tang Mu’s attack earlier.

“Heh heh. You want to see your dead brother, right? Don’t worry, you’ll be reunited with him in Hell very soon.” Ling Xiao sneered. He launched the Phantom Cloud Step and disappeared, the afterimage left behind in his original position was cut apart by Tang Shui’s pair of hook swords.

Hei Lang’s eyesight is not ordinary. He saw through at a glance that Ling Xiao evaded the attack and couldn’t help calling out, “Watch your back!”

Tang Shui’s reaction was many times faster than Tang Mu. Without turning to look, he reversed the one hand and spun the hook sword behind his back at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao received the attack with his sword and was knocked back several steps by the force of the blow, but a large chip appeared on Tang Shui’s hook sword. It can clearly be seen that Ling Xiao’s Blue Crystal Sword is a step above that of Tang Shui’s hook sword.

Off to the side, Hei Lang’s eyes were red with greed, immediately ordering the two men behind him. “Attack together. Get rid of him quickly.”

No sooner has Hei Lang passed his orders, the two men behind him raised their weapons and charged toward Ling Xiao.

Frowning, Wei Dai Er looked over at the two bodyguards standing not too far away, inwardly anxious as she thought, “How come they haven’t made their move yet?”

As a matter of fact, Tiger Six and Tiger Seven had wanted to intervene long ago, but Ling Xiao had used a secret sound transmission technique and forbid them from taking any action unless his life was at risk.

Helpless, they had no alternative but to stand by at the ready in case the situation get out of hand. They knew that Ling Xiao had single-handedly defeated the high-rank xuan practitioner Ling Xing, but the joint attack of two high-rank xuan practitioners and intermediate-rank xuan practitioner would prove difficult even for a high-rank xuan practitioner, to say nothing of a low-rank xuan practitioner like Ling Xiao.

Of course, Ling Xiao knows what he’s doing. Despite the enormous gap in strength, he can rely on his astonishing movement technique and combat experience from his previous life. What’s there to be afraid of?

“Come. Let me fight to my heart’s content,” Ling Xiao’s eyes shone with the intense desire to do battle as his peak low-rank xuan practitioner aura burst out. This fight is a hard to come by opportunity to break through to intermediate-rank xuan practitioner. How could he let this slip by?

“Scar Leaving Sword!”

This is the second time Ling Xiao used the hegemon style sword technique. All of a sudden, countless sword beams that emanated an intense coldness shot toward the three men.

The sword beams instantly turned the surrounding tables and chairs into dust. The power of this attack was much fiercer than last time.

“Extraordinary. Could this be a cyan-order sword skill?” Ling Xiao’s attack had shocked both Hei Lang and Wei Dai Er.

Faced with such a powerful sword strike, the three men of the Azure Wolf Regiment combined forces to ward off the attack. Tang Shui and the other high-rank xuan practitioner were barely able to block the sword beams aimed at their vital areas. The intermediate-rank xuan practitioner was not so lucky. Unlike the others, the sword beams had directly slashed through his throat, and he died before he hit the ground.

The two high-rank xuan practitioners did not fare much better. They had blocked all the critical blows, but many sword beams still slipped through their defenses. Covered in blood, their clothing in tatters, the two of them cut truly sorry figures.

“I’m going to kill you!” Tang Shui glared with eyes wide open. A low-rank xuan practitioner had just managed to put him in this battered and miserable state. The other high-rank xuan practitioner was also reduced to a similar state.

Neither of them paid attention to their aches and pains. These injuries were far from enough to make them lose heart. They are men who live and die by the sword; if they are fearless in the face of death, how could they fear these petty injuries?

One man slashed with his hook sword, the other circled around to cut down from another direction with his longsword.

Pain shot through Ling Xiao’s meridians after unleashing the attack. This was nothing like the backlash he previously experienced; rather, he felt like he had broken through a bottleneck, his strength growing more and more powerful.

“Cloud and Moon Cloak!” Ling Xiao shouted. The cloak behind his back was finally put to good use. This is the second form of Cloud Parting Palm.

The cloak was like a curtain in the sky as it covered the high-rank xuan practitioner wielding the longsword, causing him to momentarily lose sight of his target.

Then, in the next moment, Ling Xiao had already made his way behind him, thrusting the Blue Crystal Sword with the speed of a viper’s strike at his back.

“You dare!” roared Hei Lang, angry at last, as he sent the wolf fang stick smashing toward Ling Xiao. The loss of an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner can be replaced by a new recruit, but a high-rank xuan practitioner cannot be so easily found. He did not wish for his team’s combat effectiveness to decline because of a brat.

Before the wolf fang stick could find its mark, Ling Xiao’s longsword has already noiselessly skewered the high-rank xuan practitioner.

“Hei Lang, your opponent is me!” Wei Dai Er saw that the two guards had no intention of taking action, and couldn’t help stamping her feet into the ground before thrusting her thin sword at Hei Lang.


Wei Dai Er and Hei Lang had similar levels of strength; at first collision, a flash of blue sparks flew from the well-tempered blades.

Tang Shui regained his presence of mind to discover one of his comrades had already been killed. A cold sensation gradually spread throughout his whole body. Damn it! Is he really a low-rank xuan practitioner?

He was afraid. When faced with one’s own mortality, the specter of death can undermine any person’s willpower.

Ling Xiao was still reveling in his kill. He licked his lips, and, completely ignoring the battle between the two xuan warriors, turned toward Tang Shui and laughed grimly, “It’s time I send you to see your brother.”

“Let’s fight!” With nowhere to run, Tang Shui staked everything in one final, desperate series of attacks.

The two hook swords turned into a blur of sword shadows that slashed toward Ling Xiao. This is his most powerful attack. He didn’t seek to kill, only to force Ling Xiao to retreat and afford him an opportunity to live.

Ling Xiao’s strength is inferior to Tang Shui. He’s definitely not foolish enough to directly receive the attack, only relying on his fantastic movement technique to dodge the fatal blows. The Blue Crystal Sword made short work of everything else and turned Tang Shui’s two hook swords chipped and jagged.

Tang Shui can tell that his weapons will not hold up for long. When he had used the last of his xuan strength, he threw himself toward the window in a last ditch attempt to run away.

“If I let you escape, wouldn’t that make me lose face in front of Elder Sister?” Ling Xiao sneered before unleashing another barrage of sword beams with his Blue Crystal Sword at Tang Shui, who had almost made his escape through the window.


The window exploded into splinters, leaving a gaping hole in its place and sending Tang Shui flying out.

Without even verifying, Ling Xiao’s certain that Tang Shui is dead beyond dead.

He set his sights on Hei Lang and Wei Dai Er, who were still entangled in a fierce battle.

The fight between these two was obviously very exciting. Flashes of yellow and red light intertwined. All the chairs and tables in the restaurant had been crushed into dust.

Hei Lang is an earth attribute martial artist; each swing of his stick was suffused with a light yellow glow, appearing incredibly dense, emanating an unmistakable violent aura of slaughter.

With a natural fire attribute, the thin sword in Wei Dai Er’s hand frequently emitted a fiery red aura. But the slight difference in strength begins to show as the battle dragged on. Wei Dai Er found herself pressed into a difficult situation, too involved was she in staying away from Hei Long’s relentless attack to even think of taking the offensive.

“As expected, the xuan warrior rank is quite extraordinary.” Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes as he watched the bout, with not the slightest intention of getting involved. At times, he would steal glances at Wei Dai Er’s bouncing chest. It was truly a sight to behold.

At present, Tiger Six and Tiger Seven were already standing guard at Ling Xiao’s side. This was the first time they gave rise to feelings of admiration for Ling Xiao. Both of them are intermediate-rank xuan warriors, loyal guards cultivated by the Ling Family, and generally only listen to and obey the family Elder’s commands. They had been somewhat discontent by their assignment to protect this Ling Family youth but realized Ling Xiao just cannot be judged by common sense after witnessing the Ling Family genius’s fighting prowess. It’s no wonder that Elder Taishang had treated him favorably.

“Little Brother, come over and help Elder Sister.” Wei Dai Er’s purple clothes had been torn in several places, and she had nearly been smashed by Hei Lang’s wolf fang stick just a moment ago. She was left with no choice but to ask for Ling Xiao for help.

“I think highly of you, Elder Sister. How can this disgusting uncle be a match for you?” Ling Xiao was no hurry to take action; rather, he continued to study the fierce fighting between the two. This will be very advantageous for him when he attempts to break through to the xuan warrior rank in the future. Moreover, he was more interested in admiring Wei Dai Er’s figure, and he’d hate for this beautiful scene to end any sooner than it has to.

Wei Dai Er was furious! She thought that she had this ladies’ man completely wrapped up around her little finger, but now realized she has erred in judgment. She couldn’t afford to be distracted right now. Fiery light exploded forth from the thin sword in her hands as she shouted, “Fire Serpent Constriction!”

She’s finally using the renowned xuan warrior ability to project xuan strength in a powerful attack!



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