WCG Chapter 30

Translated by Moe

Chapter 30 Don’t You Think Young Master Has Become More Handsome?

Ling Xiao has already been cultivating “Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art” for a month, but today, at long last, he reached the large success realm of the first transformation, “Skin Refining.” Given his talent and hard work as well as Elder Taishang’s personal guidance, it would be impossible not to break through.

However, Ling Xiao had suffered quite a lot in the past month in order to break through the first transformation. Besides an incredible volume of physical training every day, he also had to expose himself to the blazing sun before finally quenching in cold water. This grueling regimen isn’t something the average person can endure. It’s fortunate that Ling Xiao possesses a tenacious temperament, or else he’d have given up long ago. And now he was able to reap the fruits of his labor. By successfully cultivating the first transformation, his physical body can now withstand an all-out attack from a high-rank xuan practitioner. After successfully cultivating the second transformation, “Muscle Refining,” he will be able to resist an all-out attack from a high-rank xuan warrior.

When that moment comes, he should have no problem defending himself in Falling Stone City as long as he does not encounter a spirit master.

The “Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art” is now complete with the last three transformations cultivation mnemonics provided by Elder Taishang. The last three transformations are separated into “Organ Refining,” “Bone Refining,” and “Blood Refining.” Every transformation will bring about a qualitative change in the practitioner’s defense; after completing the fifth transformation, even an all-out attack from of those king rank and earth emperor rank powerhouses in the legends may not necessarily cause any lasting damage. The order for this defensive technique is not clearly indicated, but, according to Elder Taishang’s appraisal, this technique is at the very least a green-order skill.

Elder Taishang has merely cultivated up to the third transformation, “Organ Refining,” and only the small success realm. Except for the first transformation, the subsequent transformations require an enormous amount of spirit grass and medicinal pills to cultivate to completion. Otherwise, a practitioner would be tormented to death by the brutal training before he could even finish cultivating this technique.

It goes without saying that spirit grass and medicinal pills are rare treasures. Even someone as powerful as Elder Taishang can only manage to procure third-grade spirit grass, and that was barely sufficient for him to reach the small success realm of the third transformation. To cultivate the fourth transformation, even fifth-grade spirit grass or medicinal pills would be inadequate.

After Ling Xiao had freshened up with a bath, he put on a black, form-fitting martial arts uniform, with a similarly colored cloak draped over his shoulders, his whole person appeared exceptionally charismatic and out of the ordinary.

His long hair is like a black waterfall as it fell in unkempt locks down to his shoulders, embodying his wild and uninhibited personality. An unusual light shined deep in the recesses of his sharp and keen eyes that would mesmerize anyone who peered into them. And his handsome, bright face can certainly cause many girls to swoon.

“Young Master is really charming.” Bai Yu Xi exclaimed in her heart as she looked at Ling Xiao from close by. At the same time, she couldn’t stop two red clouds from rising on her face.

“Yu Xi, don’t you think Young Master has become more handsome?” Ling Xiao couldn’t help but ask as he admired his own reflection in the mirror.

“Yes, Young Master is really good-looking.” Bai Yu Xi face turned beat red as she looked down and answered.

“Haha! I also feel that way.” Ling Xiao said narcissistically.

Bai Yu Xi naturally approves of Ling Xiao’s words; she had completely given her heart to Ling Xiao at this point. She would not resist at all if Ling Xiao wanted her body, and would even be happy.

Ling Xiao and Bai Yu Xi left the room together and walked toward the main hall. Along the way, quite a few servants turned toward Ling Xiao to pay their respects, “Lord Honor Guard.”

Ling Xiao’s current status is different from the past. When he finished among the top five in the family exam, he acquired the title of Honor Guard and was allocated several personal servants by the family. The stipend is also many times better than before, receiving two hundred gold coins each month to cover expenses. This is the treatment afforded to an Honor Guard. Not only that, Elder Taishang had moved in together with Ling Xiao ever since he had chosen Ling Xiao as his successor disciple and Ling Xiao’s status naturally became even more prominent. Even the Elders would acknowledge Ling Xiao with polite smiles when they meet him.

For this reason, Second Elder smashed his most precious flower vase after he returned home. He had thought that it was a sure thing for his grandson Ling Kuang to become Elder Taishang’s successor disciple. Ling Kuang was the perfect candidate, exceptional in every regard, and even his attribute matches that of Elder Taishang. If he were Elder Taishang, he would choose Ling Kuang. Who could have foreseen Elder Taishang would choose Ling Xiao, a low-rank xuan practitioner and the weakest of the bunch. Not only that but that boy Ling Xiao was apparently very much unwilling and only begrudgingly accepted to be Elder Taishang’s disciple. He was furious, but there’s nothing to be done for it.

Everyone had been baffled by this turn of events, but could only sigh inwardly that the ways of the world are truly unpredictable! They had no choice but to accept Ling Xiao’s good fortune was just too fearsome.

After having a meal, Elder Taishang called Ling Xiao over.

Staring at the quiet and restrained old man in front of him, Ling Xiao was also confused as to why he was chosen. In his heart, he sighed as he thought, “It looks like my personality attracts people to me no matter where I go. Even this old man has fallen for me.”

“Venerable Master, did you call me over to give me a reward?” Ling Xiao spoke casually to Elder Taishang, not the least bit intimidated by his status.

Elder Taishang laughed quietly and said, “Little brat, you’ve already plundered quite a few of my things this past half month. And you still dare to ask? How much are you willing to bet that I won’t knock you silly?”

Ling Xiao rubbed his hands together and let out a mischievous chuckle. “Heh heh…Wasn’t it just a few crappy weapons and little pills? There’s no need for you to keep tab of something like that. You’re too stingy for someone of your means.”

Elder Taishang’s face turned green when he heard what he said. This guy played down second-grade, intermediate-level weapons and second-grade medicinal pills as “crappy weapons” and “little pills.” Any one of these items would cause a sensation in Falling Stone City.

“Since they are rubbish anyways, you should return them to me. I won’t be offended.” Elder Taishang said as he lightly stroked his beard.

“You can’t just take back something you’ve given away. Let’s get down to business. What did Venerable Master want to talk to me about?” Ling Xiao laughed, in a hurry to change the subject.

“Sneaky little bastard.” Elder Taishang lightly scolded. After that, a serious expression covered his face as he continued, “You’ve already completed the first transformation and your cultivation speed could be considered passable. However, the following transformation is even harder to cultivate and will place an enormous toll on your body. Do you have the confidence to carry on?”

Ling Xiao didn’t even give pause before confidently replying, “Of course. There’s no way a trifling external skill would be too difficult for me. That’s just laughable.”

“Heh heh. That being the case, you should begin practicing the second transformation right away.” A sly smile revealed on Elder Taishang’s face.

Ling Xiao shrugged and said, “There’s no need to be this serious, right? We need to strike a happy medium when it comes to work and play. And I’m also really busy today, so why don’t we talk about this again another time.” Having said that, he immediately made a run for it without any regard for Elder Taishang.

Elder Taishang watched as Ling Xiao ran away and was not angry at all. Instead, a bleak smile appeared on his face as he said to himself, “Quickly grow up, kid. There’s not much time left!”

Ling Xiao naturally did not hear Elder Taishang’s last words.

Right now, he had already left the family residence, continuing in the direction of the market.

Today, his primary goal is to purchase some outdoor equipment for a trip to the Desolate Chaparral Mountains he planned to take in a few days. The reason he needs to go to the Desolate Chaparral Mountains is not to earn gold coins; rather, it is because he yearned for the spirit beasts and spirit grass that’s native to that area. Over the past few months, his interest in this world has grown considerably. He learned that some heaven-defying spirit grasses could promote cultivation base or even bring people back from the dead. There were also dangerous spirit beasts that can shoot flames or spit water. If he could manage to make one of these spirit beasts as his mount, that would be incredibly awesome!

That is why Ling Xiao became so set on making a trip to the Desolate Chaparral Mountains.

Nowadays, Ling Xiao’s safety is of the utmost importance in the Ling Family. He had barely left the Ling Family residence when two xuan warrior rank experts immediately followed behind. Both of these men are loyal bodyguards of the Ling Family and members of the Tiger Guards, Ling Family’s most powerful guard unit. They both go by their unit’s tactical call sign, respectively Tiger Six and Tiger Seven. As intermediate-rank xuan warriors, the two men are ranked among the top ten experts of the Tiger Guard and rank among the elites of Falling Stone City.

Patriarch Ling Cang had arranged this two-man security detail. At first, Second Elder and Fifth Elder adamantly opposed, arguing that Ling Cang was overstepping his authority by assigning the Tiger Guards to protect Ling Xiao, and that this was clearly favoritism and so on. But after Ling Cang explained that this was Elder Taishang’s idea, the two old men did not dare to utter another word.

Ling Xiao was not bothered by the guards tailing him, but instead felt like one of those rich and powerful silk-pants that can rely on others to do his bidding.

Purchasing his supplies did not take long, finishing his errands in less than two hours. Ling Xiao was not anxious to go home, so he took a detour back to the most famous restaurant in the city, Fragrant Taste Restaurant.

Last time, he came here together with Bai Yu Xi and thought quite highly of the delicacies he tried. It was a pity that Luo Qing Shuang had disturbed his meal and had nearly demolished the restaurant in the process.

After going through renovations, Fragrant Taste Restaurant’s business was better than ever.

Each and every patron—rich merchants, nobles, and children of large family clans—had a lascivious smile spread across their face as they sauntered in and out the establishment with beautiful hostesses hanging off their arms.

Seeing this situation, Ling Xiao couldn’t help but be upset at himself for not bringing Yu Xi along. He was extremely jealous as he watched everyone else with beautiful women in their embrace.

“I don’t believe that, with my good-looks and charisma, there isn’t a woman who will pay to be with me.”  Ling Xiao shook out his cloak and then took large, confident strides into the Fragrant Taste Restaurant.”

Ling Xiao wasn’t just blowing his own horn; he had always been incredibly dashing. But along with becoming a xuan practitioner and successfully cultivating the first transformation of the Vajra Five Transformation Secret Art, the air about his person had raised several folds compared to before, all the more imposing, more handsome.

When he had just barely entered the Fragrant Taste Restaurant, many of the beautiful escorts threw coquettish glances his way. This made Ling Xiao feel very pleased, and couldn’t help but raise his brows, his heart filled with happiness.

Fragrant Taste Restaurant’s manager and attendant recognized Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao had left a lasting impression on them during his previous visit. Ling Family’s genius can practice cultivation once again, and recent rumors have it that he had already become a xuan practitioner. Not only that, but he had been received by Ling Family’s Elder Taishang as his successor disciple. News of the matter spread through Falling Stone City like a whirlwind.

The manager personally led Ling Xiao up to the second floor and arranged the best table for him.

When Ling Xiao went upstairs, whispers broke out among the patrons downstairs.

“The one who just came in is the Ling Family’s Ling Xiao, right? Didn’t I hear he’s been crippled? How could he be so high-spirited?”

“Unbelievable, right? Not only can he cultivate xuan strength, but he also defeated Luo Family’s Luo Qing Shuang right here a month ago. I recently heard that Ling Family’s Elder Taishang had received him as successor-disciple.”

“No way, this is incredible. Even a salted fish can turn over1. This kind of luck is too good!”

“That’s right! So remember to be respectful when you see him from now on. You probably noticed the two guards following behind him just now. Those two emanating a baleful aura are most likely two of Ling Family’s twenty-four Tiger Guards.


Up on the second floor, Ling Xiao sat on a couch covered in soft animal hide, feeling extremely comfortable and relaxed.

“Young Master Ling, what would you like to order?” The manager politely asked Ling Xiao.

“I’ve heard of you serve Spirit Snake Soup here. I’ll take three orders of that, with ten catties of wolf meat on the side, and five more jugs of wine.” Ling Xiao barked. He wanted to enjoy the lavish lifestyle of a rich young master.

“Yes, Young Master Ling Xiao.” The manager complied respectfully.

Just when the manager was about to withdraw, a voice as lovely as birdsong rang out, “This Young Master’s meal is on me!”

Ling Xiao’s gaze followed in the direction of the voice and couldn’t help go into a daze.

  1. Experience a reversal of fortune

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