WCG Chapter 27

Translated by Moe

Chapter 27 Ling Xing Defeated

“You are still not qualified!” If Ling Xing said this to Ling Xiao, no one would think anything of it. But it was Ling Xiao who said these words, as a low-rank xuan practitioner to a high-rank xuan practitioner, so everyone present did not know whether to laugh or cry.

On the viewing platform, Second Elder Ling Mo commented lightly, “Youngsters are really ignorant of the height of the Heavens and the depth of the Earth.”

“Maybe he still thinks that he is a xuan warrior.” Fifth Elder Ling Yan quipped in agreement.

It’s apparent from their remarks that the two of them held Patriarch Ling Cang in complete disregard.

Seated in the central position, Ling Cang appeared unperturbed by the two men’s antics but was inwardly worried for Ling Xiao. The Second Elder and Fifth Elder had resented him for a long time now, and their hostility has been inherited by their descendants. With the feud all but irreconcilable, he fears that Ling Xing will be heavy handed towards Ling Xiao.

On the platform, Ling Xing broke out into laughter, “Haha, you’re not afraid of getting struck by lightning with that mouth of yours? Don’t get too cocky just because you got lucky and beat Ling Tian. I’ll let you see whether I’m qualified or not.”

Ling Xing finished laughing and leaped high up in the sky just like a Roc spreading its wings, launching a kick at Ling Xiao’s face.

“Comparing kicking techniques suits me just fine.” A confident grin appeared on Ling Xiao’s face as he took a running start and leaped up to meet Ling Xing. While in the air, he sent a barrage of kicks, taking the form of a small tornado, and producing the distinctive whirring sound of wind blowing in the air.

Ling Xing is not an expert at kicking techniques. This move was merely an initial show of force for the express purpose of intimidating Ling Xiao. However, he did not treat Ling Xiao lightly as Ling Tian did. He used nearly eighty percent of his xuan strength in this kick. Even an intermediate-rank xuan practitioner will be seriously injured.

What he had not anticipated was the ferocity of Ling Xiao’s kicking technique; the many kick shadows left him at a loss on what to do. The attack came so swiftly and with such intensity that it was simply impossible to defend.

This is Wind God Kick’s second form, “Grass in the Wind.” With superior speed and overbearing power, any opponent caught with their guard down will have to suffer the consequences.

Despite already being vigilant, Ling Xing did not possess the power of foresight. How could he have known that this kid’s kicking technique would be this incredible? He caught several of Ling Xiao’s kicks squarely in the face.

“What-what kind of kicking technique is this? Ling Xing ended up getting the worst of the exchange.”

“Could this be a yellow-rank kicking technique? But I’ve never seen such a technique in the Xuan Skill Pavilion!”

“It’s no wonder that Ling Xiao had been so bold. It turns out he still had an ace up his sleeve. But his doing this would only infuriate Ling Xing even more. Ling Xing isn’t someone to take this standing down.”

The children in the crowd were soon engaged in a spirited discussion.

On the stage, Ling Xing wiped the bloodstain from the corner of his mouth. His expression turned malevolent as he said in a deep and low voice, “You’ve made me bleed you son of a bitch!”

Ling Xiao stood on one foot with the other raised in the air, striking a confident and relaxed pose as he said, “Humph! So what if I made you bleed. I said I’d be going after you, small fry. I just didn’t expect you can’t even take a single blow.” Ling Xiao might not be so excessive if his opponent was anyone else, but he knows that Ling Xing harbors malicious intentions towards him, and so decided to treat him in kind. Ling Xiao may merely be a low-rank xuan practitioner, but Ling Xing is still not his opponent. Only those who have reached the xuan warrior rank may constitute a threat to him! He wasn’t just randomly shooting off his mouth; he had meant what he said.

“Congratulations, you’ve succeeded in pissing me off! Now watch this move!” Ling Xing’s eyes were red with anger as he reached behind his back and unsheathed his long sword in one swift motion.

“Green Light Chop!”

He swung down with his sword, causing a green light to suddenly appear along with a strong aura of death, cutting a gracefully arcing line at Ling Xiao.

Faced with this attack, Ling Xiao’s expression became slightly dignified. He stepped out without any hesitation and used “Phantom Cloud Step.” The afterimage left behind in his original position was split in two by Ling Xing’s sword.

The Ling Family younger generation in the audience cried out in alarm; all of them were under the impression that Ling Xiao had just been slain in front of their eyes.

“No, he’s behind Ling Xing!” Ling Kuang’s eyes jumped and immediately called out.

Indeed, Ling Xiao took advantage of his superior movement technique to dodge the sword. His Colossal Dragon Sword came into his hands as quickly as if he had willed them to appear.

“Shadowless Heavy Sword!”

Innumerable sword shadows sped toward Ling Xing’s back. If this attack finds its mark, the damage would be appalling.

This is Ling Xiao’s interpretation of the move Ling Guang used against Ling Hu in the first round. While Ling Guang had made use of the blade to execute this move, Ling Xiao felt that a sword better brings out its true potential.

Ling Xing is no slouch; he turned around in a flash and expertly twirled his sword in a circle, blocking the thrusting points of the many sword shadows.

“Clang! Clang!”

Sparks flew as swords collided, revealing the sharpness of the weapons.

Ling Xing wields a second-grade, low-level Green Light Sword while the Colossal Dragon Sword in Ling Xiao’s hands is only a first-grade intermediate-level sword. The difference in grade was too great, so many places on the blade of the Colossal Dragon Sword became jagged and notched after the swords clashed.

However, it is apparent that Ling Xing is being suppressed by Ling Xiao in this exchange. And although everyone can clearly see what was going on, they still wore incredulous looks on their faces.

“This broken sword is no good.” Ling Xiao was apparently dissatisfied as he examined the damage on the sword body.

“You dare to despise me? You shall fall by my hands!” On the raised platform, Ling Xiao appeared entirely absorbed by his sword. Ling Xing felt that this was clearly an act of contempt on Ling Xiao’s part. An unprecedented fury took hold of him as he waved the Green Light Sword and unleashed a formidable sword skill toward Ling Xiao.

The green sword beams took the shape of three green colored sword flowers configured in a “品” formation as it flew with high speed at Ling Xiao.

“Damn it! He can actually congeal shapes with his attack.” Ling Xing’s move caught Ling Xiao by surprise. Without delay, he launched his body to the side; there’s no way he could take a direct hit with his strength as a low-rank xuan practitioner.


Ling Xiao made a quick escape and not a second too soon. The ground where he had previously stood became engulfed in thunderous sword light, leaving a path of wanton destruction in its wake.

Ling Xing launched himself toward Ling Xiao, the Green Light Sword trailing closely by his side, as he unleashed one powerful move after another in a flurry of attacks that shook the onlookers to their core.

“Too overbearing! The power of this yellow-order sword skill is too astonishing.”

“Will Ling Xiao be killed?”

“There shouldn’t be any danger to life with the Ninth Elder present, but it’s difficult to say if he’ll come out with all his limbs intact.”

The din of heated discussion in the crowd below stood in sharp contrast to the sure silence that pervaded the viewing platform.

Although Ling Xiao had constantly been forced into one predicament after another, a careful observer would be surprised to notice that Ling Xiao still wore a calm and indifferent smile on his face. There was no fear to be found at all, even in the face of this onslaught of sword shadows.

After avoiding the last of Ling Xing’s attack with the use of Phantom Cloud Step, Ling Xiao crossed his arms in front of his chest and sneered, “Humph! Aren’t you tired yet from all this horsing around?”

Ling Xing lightly gasped for breath as he glared at Ling Xiao, almost driven mad by rage and anger boiling inside him! He had used all of his strength just now but was unable to do anything to a low-rank xuan practitioner. This is too abominable! He wanted to humiliate Ling Xiao during this match, but with the ways things have turned out, continuing the match is not an option. Above all else, he could feel his face smoldering with anger every time he looks at Ling Xiao’s pompous face.

“Do you only know how to run? If you got the guts, then stand your ground and go a hundred rounds with me.” Ling Xing’s face was gloomy as he taunted.

“Let’s see if you can catch me first. Who asked you to be a high-rank xuan practitioner? If you can’t even catch a low-rank xuan practitioner like me, would it even make sense to fight me for a hundred rounds?” Ling Xiao continued to ridicule.

“Since you’re such a smartass, don’t blame me for being ruthless.” Ling Xing said faintly as the xuan strength in his body rapidly promoted. Gradually, Ling Xing’s face turned dark green, appearing incredibly sinister. His aura increased explosively, reaching a whole new level compared to a moment ago.

“Ling Xing was actually forced to use his most powerful move, Green Fiend Rend!” Ling Li had just returned among the audience and was shocked to discover Ling Xing’s special condition. He couldn’t help but be worried for Ling Xiao.

Green Fiend Rend is currently Ling Xing’s most powerful move. Its might is so alarming that it would be difficult even for him to receive the attack, much less Ling Xiao who is only a low-rank xuan practitioner. If Ling Xiao were to receive this attack, he would be in gravely injured if not killed outright.

“Ling Xiao, you should feel proud to be able to experience Brother Xing’s most powerful move.” Ling Zhi muttered to himself. He also didn’t expect Ling Xiao would be able to push Ling Xing to this extent.

If spectators can sense Ling Xing’s unusual condition, how could Ling Xiao not? But he was interested in observing Ling Xing’s final attack. In any case, no matter how ferocious this attack ends up being, Ling Xiao is confident that he can receive it. This is the arrogance of a former expert who had stood at the top of the world.

Soon after, Ling Xing finished gathering his strength, and his aura has reached the peak of xuan practitioner rank. By now, his face has turned a frightening shade of green. After using this move, he will need at least a month to recuperate his xuan strength. He wanted to save this move for his battle against Ling Li, but he just couldn’t stand Ling Xiao any longer. All he wants now is to see Ling Xiao fall so deep into despair that he’d wish he were dead.

“You didn’t take your chance while I was gathering my strength. Your cocky attitude ends here and now.” Ling Xing said with a cold laugh. He then slowly raised the Green Light Sword in his hands and roared, “Green Fiend Rend!”

Shortly after that, a green sword light surged violently toward Ling Xiao like a sword wave, filling the sky and half the stage, leaving Ling Xiao no room to escape.

The power of this move is even comparable to a low-rank xuan warrior’s attack!

“Shit! I didn’t expect it to be this fierce.” Ling Xiao’s expression became dignified as he instinctively went on full alert, tightening his grip on the Colossal Dragon Sword. When the sword wave was almost about to engulf him, he counted with an attack of his own.

“Flaming Sun Shining High!”

Ling Xiao unleashed the yellow-order sword skill he stole from Ling Tian, causing many sword shadows to detonate in a deafening boom.

“Clang! Clang!”

Whether it was his sword skill or weapon, Ling Xiao occupied the weaker position. The might of the Green Light Sword proved too great for the Colossal Dragon Sword as the latter directly broke in half.

“Damn it! This couldn’t have happened at a worst time.” Ling Xiao silently cursed his bad luck but continued to use the broken sword to protect his body.

“Haha, it’s your loss!” A jaunty smile appeared on Ling Xing’s face as the Green Light Sword in hand moved with renewed determination, incessantly swinging at Ling Xiao.

“Screw you! I’m not playing anymore.” Ling Xiao cut a sorry figure; his clothes were cut in several places but remarkably did not cut his skin. Even so, Ling Xiao’s attitude was no longer insouciant but solemn. The time has come for him to end the match.

“Watch this.” Ling Xiao was not the least bit embarrassed as he shamelessly threw the broken sword at Ling Xing.

Ling Xing had not expected Ling Xiao would actually throw away his weapon and had no choice but to raise his sword high to deflect the broken sword. A sense of complacency already took hold in his heart; what is there to fear now that Ling Xiao is without a sword?

Unfortunately, Ling Xing failed to recognize that he’s walking down the same road that led to Ling Tian’s defeat.

To stop Ling Xing’s powerful attack, Ling Xiao made use of his phantom-like movement technique to rapidly close in on Ling Xing and strike at Ling Xing’s chest with both palms.

This is Cloud Parting Palm’s third form, “Cloud and Rain Forming Hands.”

“Bang! Bang!”

Ling Xing didn’t even have time to put up his guard when the palm strikes violently exploded on his chest, immediately beating him senseless as he was sent flying out of the stage.


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