Chapter 99 Tracking!

Translated by Moe

TL Note: The website is….functional.

Anyways, thanks for all the kind words. I couldn’t reply to all your comments individually. But yes, I will probably look for editors/proofreaders in the future.

I’m just carrying the torch. I’m only translating this project because no one else seems to be interested. I understand that the speed of chapter releases may be too slow for some, but 2-3 chapters are better than no chapters at all. I don’t plan on dropping the series, but I’m not making any claims of the translating rights either. If others feel that they can do a better job and wants to translate the series, just let me know, and they can take over this project. In the meantime, I can only promise to do my best.
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Hello World.

Just a short introduction. I will be continuing the translation of Otherworldly Evil Monarch. You can expect 2-3 chapter releases per week but this may be subjected to change in the future. I have no plans to accept donations. Enjoy.